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Casual Essay

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Obesity in America
Is eating fast food a guilty habit of yours? Are late nights and early mornings a routine? Do you find yourself often choosing the elevator over the stairs? These are just a few reasons for the outstanding rate of obesity in America. Over the past two decades, the rate of obesity in the United States has risen sharply. By 1999–2000, 64% of adults aged older than 20 years old were classified as overweight and 30% were classified as obese. Overall, nearly two out of three Americans are considered overweight or obese1. At this alarming rate there are many factors that play a role in these statistics.
Weight is measured by BMI, body mass index. Overweight is defined ...view middle of the document...

If your body isn't getting the proper nutrients that it needs, it's going to begin to slow down, making it even harder to lose weight. Poor nutrition has become an increasing problem due to the convenience of fast food restaurants.” 2 Fruits and vegetables, which are low in calories and high in nutrition, should make up most of your diet but in America they are not eaten as often as they should be. 2 Most fruits and vegetables better your body in multiple ways. Carrots help with eyesight help and strawberries help heal wounds and promote healthy teeth and gums. You also have oranges which helps lower the risk of heart disease.
Irregular sleeping patterns is another issue that is causing obesity in America. It is said that Americans take pride in not getting a lot of sleep. Most people know that lack of sleep can cause people to gain weight, but people do not know the reasoning behind this. According to doctors, there are two hormones called ghrelin and leptin that play a big role to your health while you are sleeping at night. Ghrelin is the hormone that lets you know when to eat and when you are sleep-deprived, while leptin hormone tells you when to stop eating. When you are sleep-deprived you gain more of the ghrelin hormone, and lose some of the leptin hormone and this is the main cause of weight gain. 7 Sleeping an average of eight hours and going to sleep at the same time every night helps to not only regulate but also keep weight down.
Being sleep-deprived also allows your metabolism to slow down. “A 1999 study by scientists at the University of Chicago found that building up a sleep debt over a matter of days could impair metabolism and disrupt hormone levels. After restricting eleven healthy young adults to four hours' sleep for six nights, researchers found their ability to process glucose (sugar) in the blood had declined—in some cases to the level of diabetics.” 5 Having an irregular sleeping pattern ultimately makes it difficult to have proper eating habits. It leads to late night eating, which is extremely hard on the body because the metabolism does not have enough energy to burn fat.
Inactivity is a habit is being built from childhood, starting with lack of physical activity in school. It is said that physical education and general activities during school time decreased by 14...

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