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Cat In The Rain Essay

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Cat in the rain essay
The main theme:
It’s about a woman and a man, there are sitting in a hotel room. The woman see a cat downstairs under a table. It sitting outside in the rain and the American woman feel poor for the cat. She go downstairs to save the cat, but when she gets out the cat is gone. She walks up to her husband and he still sit in the bed reading, suddenly it’s knocking on the door. The American woman open the door and someone who work at the hotel stand there with a cat in her arms.
The theme in the story it is to feel alone even if there are any, the woman feel alone even when the man is sitting in the room. It’s like he doesn’t ...view middle of the document...

The main character’s relationship with her husband:
Their relationship is very tense, they are not really talking to each other. It seems like it is the man that determines in their relationship. It was as though he was the one who decides that she well had to go down and pick up the cat, yet is he brought it up to them. Every time the wife asked the husband at something, he answered in a short way: “Did you get the cat?”, “Wonder where it went to”, “I like it the way it is”. There was no understanding between them.
The American woman has probably a little crush on hotelkeepe, the way he described on when she walks past him.
The narrator said: “ He stood behind his desk in the far end of the dim room. The wife liked hem. She liked the deadly serious way he received any complaints. She liked his dignity. She liked the way he wanted to serve her. She liked the he felt about being a hotel-keeper. She liked his old, heavy face and big hands.”
She described him as a good man and good looking, she think he is really sweet and nice.
the use of symbols:
The cat is a symbol of the woman wanted to have a baby, it was a little kitty she saw. I think the symbol is almost that she wanted to be pregnant, but gotta ask the man for permission. She uses the cat as an excuse, because she really wanted to have the poor cat. It's not the cat she wanted but a baby, but she didn’t dare ask for yet. She ask about the little things in the beginning before she dare asking about the orther thing.
Anna Posborg Jæhger 13x

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