Cat Letters Essay

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“Any person who reads Kedi Mektupları will not see the cats as they used to.
Meanwhile, any cat who reads Kedi Mektupları will not treat the people as they used to.”
These are the words which describe the reader’s feeling best.
After Elveda Alyoşa which consists of short stories, Oya Baydar’s Kedi Mektupları was
awarded with Yunus Nadi in 1993. Oya Baydar was born in 1940 in Ä°stanbul. After, graduated
high school, she went to the Ä°stanbul University to study sociology. Her thesis Born of
Labour Class in Turkey was rejected for two times and the students protested it taking
control of the university. That was the first occupancy in Turkey. Then, Oya Baydar ...view middle of the document...

That is, they are always kind and
considerate to each other.
Even though, these cats are living in different places, they have two interests in
common. The secrets of their owners and the homeland, where the secrets of their owners
began. To solve this puzzle, they compose “The Project of Researching the Secrets of the
Owners.” Notwithstanding this project they are searching for an answer to one question. But
this is such a question that any person who asks it will never find peace; meanwhile, any cat
who asks it will not live as a cat anymore. While searching for an answer, they also learn a lot
about their inner feelings and start to question the meaning of being a cat.
In my opinion, Oya Baydar chose cats, as main characters of the book, intentionally.
Because as we all know, cats are devoted to their freedom although we, the people, think it as
ungratefulness. The cats do not obey any rules and they fight for their rights as their exile
owners do. They may love the home they live in, but when they think their freedom is in
danger they runaway, as Gece did, when her owner decides to return the homeland. On the
other hand, they are linked to their owners with very strict ties. For example, when Yoldaş’s
owner learn his son was shut down in the homeland, he decides to commit suicide. He says
his last words to YoldaÅŸ and he wants YoldaÅŸ to transmit it to the people who will come to
take his corpse. YoldaÅŸ waits for weeks crying until someone comes. Then he says his
owner’s last words “Mavv, miyavv, mırrnavv” which means “I cannot take this any longer.”
He disappears in the dark. That is, unlike...

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