Catcher And The Rye. What I Belive Holden Caulfield Would Be Doing Today In The 21st Century

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Christian KorekMid Term3-7-02Holden TodayI would like to tell you about a guidance counselor I had in High school; his name was Mr. Holden Caulfield. I interviewed him over the phone and he began to tell me his story of how he became a guidance counselor. Soon after he was released from a mental facility that he was enrolled into, he went back to school locally. He still had a hard time concentrating on school but his little sister Pheobe helped him and he went on to graduate, passing all of his subjects. Holden, now a graduate from high school, wanted to attend college so that he could go ...view middle of the document...

0. Holden, eager to work, started looking through the paper when he noticed there was a guidance counselors position open at a near by high school in Bayonne. Holden figured this would be a great chance for him to be the "Catcher in the rye "as he said. He took the job there and was soon known by my other students and I as "Mr.C". We felt comfortable around Holden; this was because he was able to relate to us due to his life growing up. Mr.C said that he enjoyed this job because it gave him time off in the summer to be with the ones he loved, this was his family.Years went on, I graduated and Holden soon retired the school remembered him for helping the most troubled children get back in line. The school asked Holden to come back every so often to give a speech to the children. Being that I attended this speech I will tell you about it. He spoke to us about how important it is when you have a problem to talk about it. He stressed the fact that if we all listened to each other's problems we would learn to solve ours. At the end of the speech he passed out a piece of paper and all it had on it was an email address and all it said was "I'll listen", it was his personal email address that he had set up so that he could help children with their problems. I thought this was a good idea because I know from experience one on one confrontations could be a little nerve wrecking.

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