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Catholic And Orthodox Essay

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SOR Report -

Introduction -
There are many different denominations of the Christian Church. All these denominations believe in several core beliefs that distinguish Christianity from other religions. Two for these fundamental beliefs are the Trinity and the importance of Jesus' Death and resurrection. Even though Christian denominations have several core beliefs similar to one another they believe in different aspects of, and express these beliefs differently. Catholic and Orthodox denominations have differing views on the trinity and these denominations have similar views on the death and resurrection of Christ but express these beliefs differently.
Trinity -
The Trinity is a ...view middle of the document...

While Catholics believe that there is a revelation of God within in the sacraments. Catholics expression of the belief towards the Trinity is apparent in the sign of the cross 'In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit'. This conveys Catholics strong belief in the Trinity as this line is said before and after every prayer.
Orthodox Trinity -
Orthodox's expression of the belief in the Trinity is very similar to the Catholic beliefs. Orthodox denominations use the sign of the cross and recite the Nicene Creed with the lines affirming the belief. However Orthodox Christians do the sigh of the cross three times. Also Orthodox Christians believe that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father, God, only and not the Son, Jesus. This is expressed by it being a major factor in the Great Schism (separation of Catholic and Orthodox denominations) and the lines in the Nicene Creed affirming the belief has not been included in the Orthodox Creed. However icons have a greater significance in Orthodox denominations in expressing there beliefs. It is an important part in both public expressions of faith and private devotions. It is not to be seen as worshiping icons but as seen as worshiping the being depicted in the icons. An example of a Trinity icon in the Orthodox denomination is Rublev's Trinity, being one of the most famous icons in the Orthodox faith.
Death and Resurrection of Jesus -
The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a fundamental belief of the Christian Church, it is also considered the most important event in history. This belief distinguishes Christianity from other religions due to the fact that this divine act was unprecedented and still is today. The belief is also important in that it establishes Jesus as divine and has power over life and death. Due to the significance of this belief, denominations have very similar beliefs and teachings on Jesus' death and resurrection. Nearly all Christians accept Jesus' death and subsequent resurrection as a historical fact and event. The belief entails how Jesus' death is extremely important because of the fact that it is responsible for the destruction of sin and giving of eternal life to humanity. But one of the only aspects of this belief that is dissimilar in denominations is the expression of the belief. there is a grey area in how Christian denominations express the importance of Jesus' death and resurrection.
Catholic -
The Catholic denomination have a firm belief that Jesus' death and resurrection were important in that it saved humanity and demonstrates Jesus' divinity. This is evident in the cross and crucifix being a major trademark of the denomination. The importance of Jesus's death is also seen through the solemn Good Friday services and customs. The not eating of meat on Good Friday is a way the this belief is expressed. Also how Good Friday is one of the only religious day of obligation for Catholics which demonstrates it's importance. The Veneration of the...

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