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Causative Agen Study Sheet Essay

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Causative Agent Study Sheet
Angela Salemi

Gram Negative Bacteria
Scientific Name | Common/Slang names | System it affects | Interesting | Text page |
Bartonella henselae | Cat-scratch disease | Skin/eyes | Transmitted through flea feces on cat claws, which scratch the skin and cause the infection | 653-654 |
Anaplasma phagocytophilum | HGA or Human Granulocytic anaplasmosis | Lymphatic | Tick borne illness; causes flu-like symptoms | 660 |
Ehrlichia | Ehrlichiosis | Lymphatic | Vector is the lone star tick; main animal reservoir is the white tailed deer | 660 |
Rickettsia typhi | Endemic murine typhus or | Vascular | Rodents are common hosts; occurs sporadically | 660-661 | ...view middle of the document...

| Relapsing fever | Lymphatic/ Cardiovascular | Series of fever “peaks”; transmitted by ticks | 656, 658 |
Scientific Name | Common/Slang names | System it affects | Interesting | Text page |
Borrelia burgdorferi | Lyme disease | Lymphatic/ Cardiovascular | Most common tickborne illness in the nation; “Bull’s eye” rash | 658-660 |
Treponema palladium | Syphilis | Reproductive | Grows slowly and cannot live outside of the host for very long | 758-762 |
Porphyromonas spp. | Periodontal disease | Digestive | Causes bleeding gums and pus pockets | 715-716 |
Prevotella intermedia | Acute necrotizing gingivitis/ Vincent’s disease/ Trench mouth | Digestive | Causes halitosis and painful chewing | 716 |
Capnocytophaga canimorsus | Septic shock | Lymphatic | Found in cats or dogs and transmitted through bites, licking or scratching | 479 |
Streptobacillus moniliformis | Rat Bite Fever | Lymphatic/ Cardiovscular | If the pathogen was ingested, it is called Haverhill fever; causes a rash and a fever | 654-655 |

Scientific Name | Common/Slang names | System it affects | Interesting | Text page |
Mucor and Rhizopus | Opportunistic infections | Respiratory | Emerging in the elderly and compromised patients. | 337 |
Encephalitizoon intestinalis | Opportunistic infection | Digestive | Emerging in the elderly and compromised patients. It causes diarrhea | 337 |
Aspergillus fumigatus | Aspergillosis | Respiratory | Widespread in decaying vegetation; farmers are most often exposed | 452 and 704 |
Blastomyces dematidis | Blastomycosis/ North American Blacomycosis | Respiratory | Found in the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys; most infections are asymptomatic; resembles bacterial pneumonia and spreads quickly | 704 |
Histoplasma capsulatum | Histoplasmosis | Respiratory | Resembles tuberculosis, causes lesions in the lungs; Also found in the areas surrounding the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys | 702-703 |
Microsporum and Trichophyton | Ringworm and Athlete’s Foot | Skin/Eyes | Trichophyton usually only involves the hair or skin; Microsporum usually infects the hair, skin, or nails | 605-606 |
Candida albican | Candidiasis | Reproductive | Grows on mucous membranes of the mouth, intestinal tract, and GU tract; infection is a result of opportunistic overgrowth | 765-766 |
Coccidioides immitis | Coccidioidomycosis/ Valley Fever | Respiratory | Found in dry, alkaline soils of the American Southwest; very often will recover in a few weeks without treatment | 703 |
Pneumicystis jiroveci | Pneumonia | Respiratory | Has characteristics of protozoans | 703-704 |
Sporothrix schenckii | Sporotrichosis | Skin/Eyes | The infection forms an ulcer on the hands, which is where the fungus enters the body | 606 |
Cryptococcus neoformans | Meningitis | Nervous | Transmitted by the inhalation of dried, contaminated droppings | 632-633 |
Malassezia furfur | Dandruff | Skin/Eyes | A yeast that is capable of growing on oily skin...

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