Causes And Effects Of Internet, Icq And Irc On My Life

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Causes and Effects of Internet, ICQ and IRC on My LifeNowadays Internet becomes more and more popular in our society. We communicate less in real life and actually totally change our lifestyle. I am using Internet for long three years and now I noticed that it affected my life very much. I begin to act differently. I found a lot of new interesting things. I met new peoples and even felt in love and get married virtually.Three years ago I was little gray mousy. I have two best friends but I always spend my free time by sitting at home watching TV or reading a book. I have nothing exciting in my life, nothing new to do. My friends used to have "drinking" parties and it was comfortable for me because I grew up I n family where alcohol was forbidden. Actually I was not happy with this kind of leisure. The greatest event of those days was day when my parent bought me a computer and let me to connect to Internet. The greatest time started for me.I usually use two programs for ...view middle of the document...

With help of ICQ I found new friends from: Turkey, USA, UK, Australia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, France, and even Birma. It was amazing for me that it is possible to have so lot of friends. During chatting and communicating I could be a person I have never ever been in real life. It was exciting journey into the Virtual world. I was surprised how much I can do on-line. I can buy everything. I can reach any place of world. I can find all kind of information. I was happy with it. Of course at the beginning everything was only fun for me. I felt in love virtually with nice guy from Baku and we got married virtually. I need to mention that it was not really serious for me. It was just a new game.After one year I realize that there is not only fun. I found that I could work in the Internet. I began to design web sites and pages with help of my virtual friends. I cannot explain how exciting it was for me. I have learned a lot of about web-design because of the Internet help! It provides such big variety of information.I have a lot of good effects after using IRC and ICQ, but there are some aspects that did not affected really well my life. First of all, my health became weaker. Looking at the monitor of a computer lead me to a weaker eyesight. Now I need to wear glasses. Sitting behind computer means for me that I can sit all the day at one place without eating and doing other work. Living without movement affected my figure. I became fat. At eleven grade I spend very little part of my time on doing my homework. Luckily for me, I was smart enough to have very good results at school. But I was always arguing with my mum because I had no time to help her. I had not clean my room sometimes for couple of weeks. I had not washing dishes. I think I became an awful daughter for my mother. My relationships with close friends became worst. I had no idea what about I can speak with them. Internet surrounded all my life. I was happy with it. I liked my style of life. The knowing that I found a lot of really good and actually best friends, made me happy.Finally, after one more year I found that I am addicted to Internet. I tried to control my time on-line. Then I entered LCC and this problem was solved naturally. I have no time to chat. I have to do all my homework. Now I am chatting only when I have no work to do.

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