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Causes Of Alcoholism Essay

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The usage of alcohol is very common in many societies. If someone is over the age of 18 or in some countries 21, alcohol can easily be reachable for it is legal. However, the common usage of alcohol brings out a very dangerous addiction problem which is also called as alcoholism. If a person is unable to control his/her desire to drink alcohol, then alcoholism is present within that person.(“Alcohol Addiction”, n.d.) There are mainly three subjects that cause people to become addicted to alcohol: having a mental health problem, experiencing traumatic events, and being negatively influenced by social environment.
First of all, suffering from a mental health problem leads people to start using alcohol, which consequently become an addiction. Alcohol increases the level of dopamine, a hormone that is involved in many functions that ...view middle of the document...

The most serious trauma that impact people’s lives are divorce of parents, death of a loved one, past physical abuse or past sexual abuse. Especially teens are more likely to be affected by the pain they have. It is known that teenagers are often unwilling to turn to adults for help and step by step they make their ways over to being an alcoholic. People may use alcohol to block the pain in the life(“Alcohol addiction causes”, n.d.). As mentioned before, alcohol changes some hormones which affect emotions and it makes people feel good when they drink or make them forget their problems for a while. Because of this side effect of alcohol, people use it more and eventually become alcoholic.
Finally, social environment plays a great role on making people use alcohol. The television, the radio, and magazines make it seem fun to drink by showing only the fun parts of drinking, yet never showing the harmful effects of it. The purpose of this advertisements is to attract buyers in such a way that makes them cool or boost their self-esteem and solve their insecurities. The commercials for alcohol is mostly about lots of people having no care in the world and having a good time. These advertisements just to provoke that drinking is good and they just glamorize the situation so that people can buy more product. However it is extremely dangerous for it influences people to use something harmful.
In conclusion, alcohol is a commonly used and addictive beverage. Alcohol has a charm on people because it affects hormones in a way that makes people feel good and confident. It also makes people forget their problems and reduces their stress. In addition, all the advertisements in the media glamour people to use more alcohol. All these reasons make people start using alcohol but sadly once the person get started, body craves for alcohol all the time and as a result a person becomes addicted to alcohol, in other words turns into an alcoholic.

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