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Causes Of Civil War Essay

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By: Asad Rafique
July 31, 2014
Professor Russell
History 121
July 31, 2014
Professor Russell
History 121

Causes Of Civil War
Generally, texts have showed that inconsistency between northern and southern financial prudence initiated the Civil War. The industrial revolt in the North, throughout the first few years of the 19th century, resulted into Machine age economy that depend on wage manual worker, not slaves. At the same time, the Southern states continuously to depend on slaves for their agricultural economy and cotton manufacture. South made enormous revenues from cotton, slaves and struggled to sustain them. Northside ...view middle of the document...

South refuse to abolish slavery because they needed the slave for their profitable agriculture. Soon north became urban with economic growth and buildings, while south stayed the same and were happy with their lifestyle.
U.S. had eight cities with roughly more than “150,000” citizens in “1860” and three cities out of eight cities, such as “St. Louis, Baltimore and New Orleans” were located slave states. Some southern towns, like “Louisville, Mobile, and Charleston, had more than 20,000” inhabitants individually and were considered largest urban places existed in U.S. Data reveals the existence of manufacturing in the South. Richmond, VA, had factories as early as 1800s. “Cotton is King!" mention by James Hammond, a U.S. Senator from South Carolina, in 1859, prompting everything that makes of cotton important in the South. A leading liability in the agricultural vs. industrial revolution subject, is that slavery existed in south to produce cotton.
Slaves weren’t brought in to U.S. in the early 1800s to farm cotton. They started arriving around 1600s to and start to work on farm. They started to grow number of crops, such as Sugar and tobacco because Europeans demanded these crops. They couldn’t grow these because of cold climate and it also seem profitable to U.S. Tabaco producers made fortune for them self. It was much later in time when Cotton production replaced Tabaco. Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana became known for lead producers of cotton around 1860.
Abraham Lincoln did not aim at agriculture in his arguments in contradiction of slavery; he used decency. He communicated to listeners in Chicago in 1859 that, "I think slavery is wrong, morally and politically." Lincoln also said while communicating to audience that America can’t be portrayed as "fostering human slavery and proclaiming ourselves, at the same time, the sole friends of human freedom.” In his “House Divided” speech he predicted...

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