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Causes Of Couples Will Divorce Essay

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Marriage is not easy. Unfortunately, even couples with the best intentions can end up in divorce court. There are a number of reasons people get divorced; the following are ten of the most common.

Top 10 Reasons Couples DivorceExtramarital AffairsAccording to a report published by AARP, infidelity still plays a significant role in why people file for divorce. However, usually there is an underlying reason that causes a spouse to cheat including anger, resentment, having varied interests, growing apart, or unequal sexual appetites.

Weight GainSurprisingly enough, "forever after" often comes with the caveat "as long as you maintain your figure." According to a survey reported by Men's ...view middle of the document...

Consistent fighting whether it's physical or just verbal is not healthy for either party. Eventually most people involved in volatile marriages reach a breaking point and seek divorce. Staying in an abusive relationship is neither healthy nor safe. Counseling can often help abused spouses make the decision to seek help and to make a change.

IncompatibilityNothing stays the same. Over time people grow, develop, and change. Sometimes, individual growth can mean that growing apart from their spouse. When parties lives, interests, or dreams become incompatible, the marriage can begin to suffer as a result. Divorce Magazine, reports that incompatibility is often the reason people end up filing for divorce. Incompatibility can also lead to a spouse seeking interaction with a person of the opposite sex, which can lead to infidelity.

UnhappinessUnhappiness lies at the root of a high number of divorces. Sometimes individuals don't realize that love in and of itself is not enough to keep you happy. Also, some people get married, and then realize that they are not cut out for marriage. Either way, according to a study published by Pennsylvania State University, severeunhappiness can mean the death toll for a marriage.

AddictionPeople can become addicted to substances, behaviors or even other people. Whether it's drugs, gambling, or alcohol, addiction can wreck a person's life. As a person's addiction gains more control, they often find themselves in peril of losing employment, friends, and their marriage. Addicts often exhibit behavior that is unacceptable in a marriage, i.e. lying, stealing, and betrayal of...

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