Causes Of The Russian Revolution Essay

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Causes of the Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution was one of the most influential revolutions in the history of humanity, since the Russian Revolution caused Russia to become the first communist country in the world. It changed from being an absolute monarchy under the rule of Tsar Nicholas II to becoming under the rule of the first communist party government in the world. In my opinion, the most important causes that caused the Russian Revolution were World War One, poverty, and the Russo-Japanese War. Communism had major effects in the world, because it caused many of the major wars in modern history. Communism affected the whole world, not only the countries which became communist. This is why we should be able to determine the major causes of such a significant event in history.

One of the most important causes of the Russian Revolution was the First World War. Russia was the country in Europe which was ...view middle of the document...

Many more people lost their lives from famines and starvation as a result.

Poverty was another main cause of the Russian Revolution. An estimated 95% of Russia’s population were peasants who lived in poverty. They had awful and miserable lives, and there were many famines at the time since Russia couldn’t produce enough food for the whole country especially during the war. There were countless numbers of deaths from both the war and starvation. The unfortunate proletariats of the lower-classes received very little pay for their salary which was barely enough for them to survive on. Their working conditions were truly unsanitary and dangerous. They had a very high risk of getting injured. These people needed better and improved lives so they all decided to bring together a revolution.

Another fundamental cause of the Russia Revolution was the defeat of the Russians in the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. It had a huge impact on Russia’s confidence, since this was the first time in history that an Asian country had ever defeated a European country. All throughout modern history, Europeans had always been ethnocentric that they were better than Asians, and that Asians were barbaric. They thought Asians would never be as good as themselves. This event caused Russia to lose face, because it showed that Russia was weak and that it was not as modern or powerful anymore. In the naval war, Japanese guns shot the Russian’s navy and beat them, since the Japanese ships had better guns with more range and power. Russia lost its entire navy fleet army which caused Russia to be at a very weak point. After this event, the Russian citizens believed that they had to do something about developing Russia so that it would become powerful again.

The Russian Revolution was caused from numerous causes, but the most significant of them all were World War One, poverty, and the defeat of the Russo-Japanese War. That time was a very dark time for the Russians. They lived terrible lives, and there were many wars going on at the time. Finally, they all decided to revolt against the king, and improve their lives. These causes were important because they were all significant causes that had great impacts on the Revolution in Russia.

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