Causes Of The Toyota Problems In The Fall Of 2009

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Causes of Toyota’s Current Problems

The background of Toyota, before the problems of the accelerator in the Lexus and Toyota branded cars, is that it is the worlds biggest car manufacturers and was known for its quality of cars. It started to grow intensively and in 2009 their desire for such growth affected the quality of theirs cars.

The Toyota car company found itself in severe problems in August 2009. When a 911 call was made from a driver, with three other passengers in the car, explaining that their car was quickly accelerating and not being able to stop. The problem had been recorded back for the past ten years. The problem is notoriously known as the Sudden Unintended ...view middle of the document...

This meant that they did not have the same supplier relationship with the new suppliers and so the new suppliers gave components that were spread across the different car models that were not necessarily the right quality to meet the Toyota Quality Criteria. David Bailey criticised Toyota for wanting to reduce the costs of the components by 30% and use more of the same components in different models. He claims that everyone does it but that in this case the but it exposes more risks across several models. If one component was wrong, it would not only affect one model, but several.

Many believe that another problem that Toyota has is that they are not following their own founding principles of quality but instead focus on the profit. The way that the growth has occurred, even if they are the biggest car manufacturer in the world. It had been turned from a small company that made cars to the best quality and liability as possible to a global, greedy company that only has dollars and cents in mind.

Another cause of Toyota’s problems is apparently electronic problems. The replacement of the previously used mechanical operations has been replaced by electronics that are known as Drive-by-wire. This means that there is no longer a mechanical...

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