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Cct 355 E Business Technologies Essay

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CCT 355 E-Business Technologies

 Division of Labour
We have divided up the entire work load into five main stages, with the following break-down:
• Analyze: For this part of the report, firstly, each group member studied the case as well as the change primer to get a detailed understanding of the problem at hand.
Secondly, each group member has spent time with the game, experimenting with the tactics and their consequences.
A key aspect of this component is conducting interviews of the Management.
The list of departments interviewed was split up based on the following break-down:

Tarek: Administration Department
Kevieon: Marketing
Timur: Manufacturing, R&D
• Plan list of ...view middle of the document...

Occurs a lot
• No need for organizational shake up, cant afford it
• Creating ad hoc or semi-permanent cross-functional teams
• Bad communication between departments need to “break down walls”
• Team approach will help communication problems
• Wants people to know how serious situation is
• Union and Robert brown a problem
• Jennifer smith good ally and great supporter
• Will not leave company in crisis

Jennifer Smith – VP Tech

• Job is to integrate the efforts of R&D, Marketing and manufacturing
• Create new good products fast
• Has been dealing with a lot of mediation between departments
• New employee who has experience to give R&D a commercial orientation
• Cross functional teams are critical
• R&D desiging what manufacturing cant build and what customers don’t want. (problem with R&D)
• Department structures are very isolated
• Need to get people to communicate more and problem solve together
• Company needs restructuring
• A lot of tension between management
• Brian not fond of Robert Brown.
• R&D and Marketing hate each other not communicating

Guy Tremblay - VP Human resources
• Likes the ideas of teams
• Big changes
• A lot of stress
• Need fresh perspective
• Energy channeled into conflict
• No vision or support to implement vision
• Mature workforce. No need for training
• Brian Johnson and rob brown don’t get along
• No one person is barrier to change.
• Need a group of people to lead change
• Integrated Teams, matrix structure

Ann Price - Personnel Manager
• Responsible for overseeing all human resource functions
• Responsible for organizing training
• Has a lot of responsibilities. Overworked
• Not supportive of outsourcing training
• Believes training is important
• Cuts in funding to human resources lead to low morale and cuts in participation for training
• Commercial focus has not reached lower level workers
• Lower level workers are in the dark
• Communication gap between upper management and low level employees
• Moral big problem
• Bring low level employees into decision making process.
• Attitude in the organization that training is not needed. Not good
• Need to build competent and committed workforce if going to succeed

Cheryl Stewart - VP Finance
• Feels that military contracts offer more
• Military contracts encourage R&D
• Many problems in company
• R&D and marketing not communicating
• Manufacturing failed to address cost issue
• Banks hesitant to finance company
• Only recently has finance department gotten attention
• At current cost and production levels company will be out of business in 18 months

Fred Williams - Account Manager
• Problem is lack of information systems
• Don’t share information
• Believes should get MIS
• Need to go commercial
• Influential people: Scott Bell, Brian Johnson and Jennifer Smith
• Company had to make budget cuts
• Budget cuts positive thing


Cathy Lalonde – VP Marketing

• First priority –...

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