Celebration Of Multiculturalism Reduces Racism Essay

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Brown, Black, and White are colours that add faces to our diverse multiculturalsociety. The celebration of Multiculturalism reduces racism in our society. For many years in our history we have been engaged in racist issues, which would result with gangs, murders, racist remarks, or insults. Now, a country like Canada is providing an opportunity for everyone to gather as a whole, instead of being separated by race. Our diverse community has now been advertised as one of the greatest nations to live in. Getting to know cultures only enhances our knowledge and understanding, which leads to accepting and learning new history.Our education of these various cultures, and languages has provided us with openminds, and awareness of the world among us. Learning ...view middle of the document...

Education for one is part of our celebration. Students/Young Adults/Teachers are of all different races, yet work as a team as one.However, there are racist conflicts that still do occur today. That is something thatcan't be stopped, unless we all keep our minds open to accept others. Though, racism has decreased a numerous amount from the past. Another source that helps us to manipulate understanding, and accepting others is the media. Fortunately, media is a source that acknowledges our cultures, in an interesting way. Stations on television do numerous amounts of documentaries, wedding stories, cultural programs on stations such as "Omni2" which are multicultural channels. They broadcast issues, and events that help combine us to the diverse world. Others become interested, and begin to enjoy the essence of having other cultures available.Finally celebrating multiculturalism, gives people a sense of reality. This helpsus fight battles against separation, and war. Getting along, and being proud as amulti-coloured nation, keeps us to provide issues of peace, and devotion. This waywe are all in no fear of practicing our religious beliefs, cultural events/traditions.It really provides a safe environment, because people become more accepting.Racism is an issue in our pasts, and we can all hope that it will remain that way,although some people have not acknowledged this fact. Hopefully we will endure asafe environment for those individuals that will provide the same distinct coloursto various parts of the world. Multiculturalism only provides a sense of reality,and helps us understand others, as a human that's important for each individual on theface of the earth. Together celebrating multiculturalism, we eliminate anger, hate,and war. Keep celebrating, we should be thankful for it.

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