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Cell Phone use While Driving
In today society we as people use cell phone for communicate. They play an important role in communicating in our modern society. Even though a cell phone is the most convenient and fast way for getting in touch with people, they should not be used while operating a vehicle. Cell phone use while driving has dramatically increased over the past years in the U.S., and studies show that the risk of having an automobile accident or near accident significantly increases when a person is talking on their cell phone. Although, not everybody who uses their cell phone while driving has been or will be in an accident, but an alarming number of people who were ...view middle of the document...


Just because we use hands-free headsets doesn’t mean it’s still safe. Crashes still happen
using hands-free headsets. People don’t think while they are driving what if that was my child who was injured in the accident, or your car was totaled because someone wasn’t paying attention with their hands- free head set. Yes the hands free device is better than the phone it’s self, but can still be a distract when you are trying to make a phone call and even having to answer the phone. Because you have to take your eyes off the road just to look down at the phone and all it takes is one second to lose control of the car. Yes there hand are hand free device that use your voice, but that also can still be a distracting while driving. With, just talking and driving that is dangerous.
In conclusion the laws on cell phone and driving need to be looked at. The more accidents happen and the more people receive tickets because they talking and driving should be a warming. Once a person start to look for their cell phone and texting that will take the concentration off the road. Even though we have hands free device they are not all that safe as well. People just...

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