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Cell Phones In High School Essay

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Cell Phones and the Effects in School
The students at Northern Guilford High School feel that rule number 27 in the student handbook is fair. The students feel that we should have this rule for one reason, such as it is a distraction to the teacher and other students. The second reason is that it is one of the number one ways that students cheat on test. The third reason is that other students are getting harassed by other students. These are some of the many ways why the school should keep the cell phone policy.
The first reason we should keep the cell phone policy is because it is a distraction to everyone. Teachers feel that if the student is using their cell phones in class it is very distracting ...view middle of the document...

The students at Northern Guilford High School said that they don’t cheat. They said that they don’t tell them the answers they just tell them what the test is on and what they need to know. The staff at Northern Guilford High School said that they consider this cheating because they are giving them clues if you would say that. That statics show that 18 out of 30 students have committed cheating in some way in their life. This is just another way to prove way we could keep the cell phone policy at the school.
The final reason why we should keep the rule is that students are being bullied or harassed. At Northern Guilford High School the staff has to deal with over 10 to 20 bulling or harassment cases in one school year. We talked to one student who said that they had been bullied. They said they told administration but is keep happening. The statics show that over 75 percent of high school students are being bullied and they are just getting bigger. They also show that most of the bulling happens through the internet or text. This is just another reason why we should keep rule number 27 in the handbook.
The students of Northern Guilford High School feel that rule number 27 in a good thing. With the rule there have been less discipline issues in the school. There has also been less cheating because when the staff find out they take their cell phone. There has also been less bullying going on in the school too. The staff and students both feel that if they want a safe environment then they need to control the use of cell phones in the school. All the staff in the school hope that the rule will stay.

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