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Cell Phones: Society‘S Newest Addiction Essay

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Imagine a situation in life where two friends are out for lunch or a couple is out on a date, and one person is talking on their cell phone the entire time. This is a perfect example of something that we as a society are experiencing more frequently every day. This kind of extremely rude behavior is starting to become the unfortunate norm in many social affairs, and this is just one example of how cell phones are starting to become a major addiction to everyone. Cell phones have become an extreme detriment to society for various reasons that are obvious every day.

Cell phones have become the ultimate distraction and addiction for almost everyone in society today. Almost every person that ...view middle of the document...

With texting, almost every word in the message is abbreviated and there is almost no use of proper punctuation or grammar. Since most teenagers and young adults text more than they write formal papers, the extreme amount of texting has caused them to get used to the “text speak” and almost forget how to write properly. In past experiences I have heard teachers say that they have seen things like people using “u” instead of “you” and “idk” instead of “I don’t know”, and using texting colloquialisms such as “lol” in class essays. While text messaging is convenient and quicker than making a phone call, it has changed the behavior of people in face to face life. This sort of literary behavior is getting worse and worse and with the invention of auto-correct on most cell phones which automatically corrects most incorrectly spelled words for the user. There appears to be no real need to know how to spell correctly for most people. And with all sorts of literature being condensed these days (i.e. text messages, blogs, etc.), people are more unwilling to read longer articles because they feel it takes too much of their time or they lose interest too quickly. Texting and instant messaging on cell phones also breeds ironic miscommunication due to the inability to hear the sender’s voice or see their facial expressions. Because of this, many conflicts could have been easily avoided if the sender had simply picked up the phone or met with the recipient face to face. It is virtually impossible, even with things like emoticons like smiley and sad faces, to 100% portray an emotion or tone in a text or instant message. This constant form of communication is also very cold and impersonal and can lead to more superficial relationships.

Another way cell phones have negatively changed human behavior is that since most everyone has a cell phone with them at all times, there is an expectation that everyone should be able to talk at any given time. Most people get nervous and worried when the person they are calling or texting does not answer their phones on the first call or do not immediately respond to their text message. I have experienced this problem quite frequently. I got my first cell phone in my mid-teens and to this day whenever my mom calls me or texts me and I do not respond almost immediately she becomes extremely worried and sometimes irritated...

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