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Censorship Of Pornography Could Harm The Goals Of Feminists

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A concern that has come to the forefront of debate by feminist groups in recent years is the censorship of pornography. After reading arguments for and against the censorship of pornography, I have come to the conclusion that censorship of pornography would harm feminist's goals by repressing the principle of freedom of expression and creating more difficulties that could possibly repress their own feminist goals.Helen E. Longino's view is that pornography is immoral and should be censored because it harmful to people and thus violates his or her rights. Longino states that it is not the sexually explicit material that is degrading but that it is the portrayal and endorsement of those ...view middle of the document...

Censorship of pornography would suppress these portions of truth, which in fact, could delay the complete truth of the issue to come out through open discussion of it.Mark R. Wicclair states that while there could be a basic concept for censorship for the harm it portrays, it is important to distinguish the extent of the harmfulness between words or images and actions. A man stalking a woman with the intent to rape or seduce her would pose a direct threat to her and warrant action. The production and viewing of this action and then having it carried out poses an indirect threat to women. Pornography, even sexually explicit material, poses an indirect threat to women, but not a clear and present enough danger to warrant its censorship based on the principle of harm.While feminists may have some basis of argument for censorship of pornography, this censorship could cause many unwanted problems for feminists.Wicclair believes that censorship could create some difficulties for feminist's goals. He states that while it may be illegal to rape a woman, it is not illegal to treat women in a degrading way. He brings forth hesitation to censor something that in the eyes of the law is legal. Wicclair also states that while pornography...

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