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Censorship Of The Net Essay

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When you think of the first Amendment do you think of the Internet? Do you believe that censoring the Internet violates our first amendment rights? Some people believe that the internet should be censored because it is corrupting our children and our society, and other believe that the internet should not be censored and that it is other things that is corrupting our society. Due to the protection of the first amendment rights, censorship of the Internet violates our rights as American citizens. Censoring the Internet would not only be unconstitutional but it would limit learning and the experience that it holds. The controversial topic holds many different viewpoints. It is so vital to ...view middle of the document...

Discerning well from bad, useful from useless, enjoyable diversion from frivolous idleness. With this skill, many of the fearful aspects of the Internet can be considered, addressed and dismissed.Freedom of expression is a fundamental right granted by the first amendment of the constitution. This allows individuals to express their creativity in whatever ways they wish. By censoring the Internet you are prohibiting potential artists from becoming famous. By censoring the Internet we would also lose music artists such as the "Freestylers" which were found by a Best Buy music search program in 2000. Creative expressions are what allow our society to change adept and invent new ideas and technology. By censoring something it is like telling someone not to believe or think of that certain thing. For example if we were told we were the only living organism in the universe and if we were not allowed to research that topic, than would we know about the planets? It is the same with Internet, if we censor hate groups or drug related sites then we could become blind to society and how it is really is. However by not censoring the Internet you leave yourself open to uncharted paths. This will allow parents who believe in censorship to imp lament and maintain their own values and beliefs in their household.A disadvantage of having the Internet uncensored is that children can see unsuitable material. However persons that are of age should be able to view any...

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