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Centennial College

1. How does that convention attract the audience? Or why is that convention useful for the audience?
The convention used to attract the audience is campus building where students go to learn and gain knowledge in programs or courses there interested. The convention is useful because it shows the audience the building is a place of learning and discovering future career paths.

2. Identify the purpose of the website. How do you know the purpose? What visual clues does the design of the website give you?
The purpose of the website is to promote educational opportunities as well as offering career paths for those looking for employment, since the website ...view middle of the document...

Also the website offers various courses and programs to meet the interest of a student’s gain of knowledge and future career paths (e.g. business, film, engineering, etc.).
Stella & Dot

1. How does that convention attract the audience? Or why is that convention useful for the audience?
The convention used to attract the audience is the beautiful and young model dressed in the items of clothing and accessories that can be found on the website. The convention is useful because women are lead to believe that if they buy these items offered in the website they will become as beautiful as the model in the site.

2. Identify the purpose of the website. How do you know the purpose? What visual clues does the design of the website give you?
The purpose of the website is to show mainly women the latest fashion trends, accessories and gift ideas. Also the website directs women into the belief that if they use their products especially there new arrivals (e.g. jewelry, bags, clothes, etc.) they will become beautiful. This is clear, since most of the women entering the website are lead to dress up like the beautiful model in the website.

3. Identify the target audience for the website. Explain why you think that target audience would use that website.
The target audience for the website is women...

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