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Centric Views Essay

1047 words - 5 pages

United States-Centric Views Comparison
Carrie E. Schyan-Watkins
ETH 125
October 9, 2011
Dr. Elizabeth Baker

United States-Centric Views Comparison

In both tables my sister, Connie, and I were asked to place a series of terms into one column or the other; the column titles were, “Christian Americans, Both Groups, or Muslim and Arab Americans.” After having Connie fill in the table I can see that some of our answers are the same, meaning we put them under the same column, while others were not so similar. Under the Christian American Column we both though this group to be, not oppressive to woman, governed by biblical law, take part in a political environment, socially ...view middle of the document...

Connie placed the undereducated trait under both groups which I feel is a true statement because all students in America are in fact, at least in my opinion, undereducated after completing 1st through 12th grades. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, “…for the first time ever, America's educational gains are poised to stall because of growing demographic trends. If these trends continue, the share of the U.S. workforce with high school and college degrees may not only fail to keep rising over the next 15 years but could actually decline slightly, warns a report released on Nov. 9 by the National Center for Public Policy & Higher Education, a nonprofit group based in San Jose, Calif. The key reason: As highly educated baby boomers retire, they'll be replaced by mounting numbers of young Hispanics and African Americans, who are far less likely to earn degrees.” (W. Symonds, November 21, 2005) The second true trait was, Muslim and Arab American’s have their religion as part of Government, which is true and un-true at the same time. The statement holds true, if the Muslim or Arab American hold dual citizenship with the United States, and their home country; however, if they are only citizens of the United States, then the statement is un-true because the United States tries to separate religion and Government. A quote from Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)Harry A. Blackmun reads, “When the government puts its imprimatur on a particular religion it conveys a message of exclusion to all those who do not adhere to the favored beliefs. A government cannot be premised on the belief that all persons are created equal when it asserts that God prefers some.” (H. Blackmun, 1997)
Two falsely placed traits, or so I thought, were open to both sexes being under Religious Content in Education (Connie’s), and oppressive to women under Muslim and Arab American’s (Connie’s). I know for a fact, minus the excerpt from the pledge of allegiance, there are no religious ties to education. Educators do teach about the different religions of the world, but they do not preach...

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