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Ceo Of Non Profit Organization Essay

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Azalea Youth Outreach and Referral Program
Latonya Nichols/Dr. Adadevoh
Business & Society

About our outreach program
The Azalea Youth Outreach and Referral Program’s goal is to empower our youth and focus on pro-active coaching and early intervention to address the youth and family issues through skill building, education, and advocacy. We reach out through the community, schools, churches, civic groups, social groups, and nonprofit organizations. The program promote efforts by its grantees to build relationships between our youth and outreach workers, their local communities, local schools, and social setting with homeless, troubled, low income youth. Grantees ...view middle of the document...

Clean up parts of your community by picking up trash and planting trees flowers or by picking up trash in Neighborhood Park or asking your neighbors if they need any help around their house.

This is a program in which a school classroom will be chosen to boost student initiative to do class work, turn in homework, and make the grades for success. A volunteer will arrange a visit to the classroom teacher of any school, in Jefferson County area, to explain how they would assist that teacher in boosting student classroom participation by offering the teacher and student incentives to participate.

Set up a free, after-school tutoring social program in your community or outside the community for youth to get group and or individual help they may need in subjects that are difficult for them. Reward the youth after their work is done by watching a movie and snacks or even offer gift prizes such as gift cards(movie passes, eating places, etc.) this would be useful if you had sponsors to by the gifts or you can be the sponsor.
Set up a free, after-school group me chat where young people in your community can chat with A professional volunteer peer or mentor to ask questions about their everyday challenges. Or you can post motivational posts for them to comment on and you can positively answer with them as a group, unlike facebook.

As part of an initiative to assist young adults in securing employment, we have joined forces with Network Workforce Systems and A Plus Building Services. In an effort to effectively assist participants, two Employer incentive programs were established. In order to be eligible for the program of Youth Connections the participants must be between the ages of 16 and 21, live in Jefferson County, and must fall within the required income bracket and/or if low income, or receiving government assistance. She further stated that students must qualify for the Youth Connections program in order to be able to use the employment incentive programs. The Workforce Solutions Youth Connections is a positive case management youth program leading to outcomes of jobs and/or college for eligible/suitable young adults. The program focus is HS/GED attainment and increase in reading and math skills, career/vocational development, workshops, college/university tours, and enrollment in post secondary education, speakers and work experience, advanced training/occupational skills training, employment and/or military.
WIA-Workforce Investment Act, a youth program for both Out-of-School and In-School. To be eligible for WIA, a youth must be between 16 and 21 years old, emphasized on older youth between 18-21, low income and have at least one of the following barriers: school dropout, runaway, foster child, homeless, pregnant or parenting youth, offender, deficient in reading or math skills, dysfunctional family issues, or an individual who requires...

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