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Challenges And Opportunities For The Wealth Sector In Colombia 2015

546 words - 3 pages

“• This report is the result of WealthInsight’s extensive research covering the high net worth individual (HNWI) population and wealth management market in Colombia.

• The report focuses on HNWI performance between the end of 2010 and the end of 2014. This enables us to determine how well the country’s HNWIs have performed through the crisis.”

Table of contents :

1 Introduction
1.1 Details of this Report
1.2 Definitions
2 Executive Summary
3 Colombia Key Facts
4 Distribution of Wealth in Colombia
4.1 HNWI Volume and Wealth Trends
5 Competitive Landscape
5.1 Additional Components of the Wealth Sector in Colombia
5.1.1 Domestic private banks
5.1.2 Foreign Private Banks
5.1.3 Family offices
6.1 Key Drivers
6.1.1 COP to US$ exchange rate
6.1.2 Real GDP growth
6.1.3 Per capita GDP
6.1.4 ...view middle of the document...

GDP Ratio (%), 2010–2019
Table 14: Colombia – Appendix One
Table 15: Colombia – Appendix Two”
“Figure 1: HNWI Wealth Band Definitions
Figure 2: Map of Colombia
Figure 3: Colombian Asset Price Performance (%), 2010–2014
Figure 4: Colombian HNWI Performance (US$ Billion and HNWI Volume), 2010–2019
Figure 5: Colombian vs Global HNWIs (%), 2010–2019
Figure 6: Colombian Exchange Rate – COP to US$, 2010–2019
Figure 7: Colombian Real GDP Growth (%), 2010–2019
Figure 8: Colombian GDP Per Capita (US$), 2010–2019
Figure 9: Colombian Domestic Market Capitalization (US$ Billion), 2010–2014
Figure 10: Colombian Commodity Indices, 2010–2019
Figure 11: Colombian Foreign Direct Investments (US$ Billion), 2010–2019
Figure 12: Colombian Inflation Rate (%), 2010–2019
Figure 13: Colombian Money Market Rate (%), 2010–2019

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