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Challenges And Strategies For Success Essay

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Graduate study challenges and strategies for success
Neil Y. Cunanan
University of Phoenix
Introduction to graduate study in health sciences/nursing
HCS 504
Harold D. Van Alstyne, Ph.D.
June 3, 2009

Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success
Going back to school after 14 years was a tough decision to make. As if 19 years of formal schooling wasn't enough, here I am enrolled in graduate studies for MSN. Being a student entails varying degrees of obstacles that must be hurdled to pursue a certain goal. The goal of this paper is to cite 3 personal challenges along with their corresponding strategies in order to achieve success, while pursuing graduate studies.
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Another option is to make full use of my tax benefits. According to Pascual (personal communication, April 7, 2009), my accountant, President Obama's ongoing economic stimulus has increased education benefits such as the lifetime learning tax credit and has widened the scope of tuition expenses as well as deducting the interest of student loans from taxes. Surely, all these strategies would help me financially.
The second challenge is having the time to balance school, work and my personal life. The stress of having 3 things to juggle with makes it complicated. Being a nurse working the night shift causes a great deal of stress both physically and mentally. Trying to stay awake for 12 hours is in itself very taxing. The body suffers and health deteriorates. Patients depend entirely on us for their wellbeing. Constant and precise decision making leaves us stressed and at the end of the day, nurses just feel so tired, that they would do anything just to get a good night's sleep. With this, personal and social life gets disrupted. They would rather rest at home than go out with family or friends. Between work and social life, there truly isn't much time to deal with. Adding school to the equation only makes it worse.
Having good time management and stress reduction techniques are needed in overcoming this challenge. Focusing and being aware of the goals are key factors in managing time successfully. In turn, prioritizing will help in spending time and energy on tasks that are very important, thereby reducing stress, giving a more balanced time in order to accomplish goals. Explaining the situation to the nurse manager can help establish a personal and flexible schedule by requesting certain days-off. "Time management provides you with the opportunity to create a schedule that works for you, not for others" (Trustees of Dartmouth College, 2009). Stress is common in everyday life. When it gets too heavy to bear, pause for a moment and relax. Breathe deeply, and stay focused. According to Schwartz (personal communication, May, 2009), my doctor, stress can't be totally eliminated, and people just have to work around it. Healthy lifestyle is needed to enhance concentration which in turn could help accomplish a particular task at a lesser time. Remember, the lesser the stress, the greater the...

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