Challenges Faced By Students Essay

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Challenges Faced by students
Do we really live in a global village? Do we do enough to make our fellow those around us feel part of the collective community? Globalization has ensured that the people of the world are brought much closer to one another this has been influenced by various advances man has made over time some of the most significant enabling factors of globalization are Transport and economic systems which have become very integrated that moving from one part of the world to the other takes only hours, this is how various ideal situations such as international study have been facilitated, student come from far off countries to pursue their higher education in countries such ...view middle of the document...

There are large number of students from the diaspora studying here in the United States, approximately 623,805 in 2007-2008 school year by the calculations of the open doors program(McLachlan, & Justice P1), with such a large number of student from other countries especially Asian ones where English is not commonly spoken, authorities in host countries should put measures in place to provide assistance in matters of hardship such as communication since one of the major problems they most agree to have is communication hardships, language proficiency problems hinder the achievement of the central purpose of the foreign student and that is academic excellence as English is the main language of communication, by not understanding it fully they fail to understanding what the other students are saying hence making socializing with them difficult as well as communicating with the teachers in class or on a personal basis, McLachlan, and Justice from their study done in an American University found out that most of their study participants could barely speak English when they first got to America one said: “It was really, really hard, especially the English. The writing is a problem; so when I took the class, I couldn't understand 70-80 percent.” (McLachla & Justice, J, P3). American learning institutions are responsible for the complete, learning effort of students who enroll in their various institutions so anything academically related they don’t know they should teach them, therefore the administration of this Universities should actively link up the international students with local students so as to facilitate the quicker learning of local cultures by the expatriate student body who will in turn practice their English in an informal setting thus making them adapt faster to the local dialect and make interaction much easier for them, this point is further supported by the findings in the research of three scholars Sherry, Thomas and Hong Chu who found from their foreign student study subjects that they faced more problems with their spoken language than with the written one and preferred avenues be created for them to practice their English and even slang with the aid of students from the host nation in this case America, they however did not agree on whether this was to be done in a formal or informal setting(Sherry, Thomas and Hong Chu,P5) Administrative bodies should carry out inclusive research so as to find out how to address this language comprehension issue between the student their peers and tutors as the English language forms the core vehicle for communication of their academic work and therefore is crucial to international students successful learning, this could be done through active engagement of the affected people that is, students(both foreign and host country) and teachers/

Secondly, When a person moves to a new country he or she expects to find strange things they are not used to and most people prepare...

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