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Challenges In Com 156 Essay

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Challenges in Com-156
Paragraph One
Challenges that I have when it comes to writing a paper are that my mind will just go blank. I believe that there might be a technical term for that called writers block. I can sit down with a piece of paper and cannot think of one word or idea to start writing, other times I can have a million ideas in my head and I will not know where or how to start those ideas on paper. When I do get started I will find that my words are simple or I will use the same words a lot. It’s like when you turn in a paper to Write Point in the center for writing excellence and you get feedback telling you a word or words might have used are overly used and you may want to choose a ...view middle of the document...

My mother is constantly getting on me about the way I talk; I guess you could say that is one of her pet peeves.

Paragraph Two
To overcome these challenges when it comes to writing can become a challenge in its self without some concentration and good deal of effort on my part. When starting a paper I have to jot down that I need to include on whatever my paper is about. This process is easier for me if I am writing about a topic that I have chosen or if it is a topic that really interests me. I have also noticed that this process is easier depending on the mood I am in or the environment, preferably when my two year old is in day care or in the bed. I have learned that this challenge is not nearly as challenging if I do not wait until the last minute to start my paper. When it comes to my choice of words I have developed what I believe to be a terrific idea, first of all when I am reading and I come across a new word that I do not know the meaning to I have a journal I will write it in along with its definition in the hopes I can use it in some of my writing. I have also made a book of adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs that I use that I use to find different words to put into my writing. These are books that I made by creating list after list of these words from the internet and printing out and putting them into folders, this has come in real handy for me. As for my spelling and grammar goes everything I write I will type up into a word document and first use its spelling and grammar check, after this I can then turn it in to write point for feedback. Hopefully when it is all said and done my challenges have been overcome.

Gerri Marie Sears

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