Challenges Of Applying Virtual Workplace Essay

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Alexandria University
Faculty of Commerce
English EMBA Program
Alexandria University
Faculty of Commerce
English EMBA Program

Challenges of adopting and applying virtual workplace concept
(In Developing countries vs. developed countries)

Supervised by
Prof. Dr. Naglaa Fathy El Dessouky

Prepared by
Mohamad Elhosiny

We will discuss major challenges that may face adopting and implementing virtual workplace concepts and mechanism. Decision makers should consider these problems carefully before adopting VW arrangements.
We will address the issue on three levels:
Agent (employee): the employees & managers involving in the virtual environment.
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A thorough job analysis should be made to decide whether it is appropriate or not. 2- Loss of on-job-training. i.e. transfer of knowledge, skills and expertise among people interacting face-to-face in the workplace. |
HR management problem | 1- Difficulty to change traditional management systems to cope with virtual collaboration concepts (for both employees and managers) i.e. managing projects and results instead of managing time. 2- Supervisory and control problems. |
Cultural issues | In developing countries: Computer illiteracy and weak English language |
Associated costs | 1- High training costs. 2- Involves high technological costs (setup, maintenance, secure communication costs). 3- Loss of cost efficiencies (when expensive equipment or services are concentrated in one location, multiple users can access them.) |
Lack of trust | 1- Taking the risk to deal with and rely upon persons you don’t trust in (i.e. you are not sure he will fulfill his obligations and abide with the company policy or not.) lack of trust would undermine the productivity of a virtual team. 2-...

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