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Challenges Of Delivery Of Social Services To Rural Areas Of The United States

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Challenges of Delivery of Social Services to Rural Areas of the United States

One issue facing Human Services today is the delivery of social services to rural areas of the United States. Families receiving benefits and other social services are a substantial portion of the overall population of people in need of Human Services; for example, as Friedman notes, “Nearly 20 percent of welfare recipient families reside outside of central cities and metropolitan areas” (Friedman). Rural families depend on a variety of social services to assist them in moving toward an independent lifestyle. Nevertheless, rural human service delivery faces many barriers including cost, distance, and shortage of ...view middle of the document...

Solutions to this issue include increasing access to transportation by providing assistance so recipients can buy and maintain their own vehicles, using other agency vehicles, van pooling, and encouraging employers to provide transportation.
Another challenge in rural areas is that they usually do not have the foundation needed to attract new businesses. “Encouraging economic development in these areas is also a challenge. Rural communities often lack the infrastructure needed to attract businesses, and the expenses associated with development can be high; both factors limit job opportunities. Commercial development and lower per capita incomes limit local tax revenue in rural areas which may mean fewer resources for social services” (Friedman). With state revenues declining agencies are reconsidering their priorities in service stipulations. As state agencies struggle to supply the most thorough support in the best cost effective manner, low income households in rural areas could be left with weakened services. The demographics of rural working families also vary significantly from those of urban households.
These demographics have an effect on these families’ attitudes toward accessing social services as well as their need for assistance. Friedman notes that “Compared with their urban counterparts, rural welfare recipients are more likely to be white, living in two parent families, and already working. Rural employment opportunities tend to be more limited and offer fewer benefits. Many rural welfare recipients work more than one job and still live in poverty. Education levels tend to be lower among rural workers, making it more difficult for them to meet minimum job requirements” (Friedman). Rural residents also handle the problems related with poverty in a different way. For example, in order to get by, numerous rural workers take jobs where they are paid “off the books,” income not reported to the government, which is not recognized as meeting the work requirement under the TANF program. Efforts to take part in allowable work activities may disturb their informal work arrangements, eventually causing additional economic difficulties.
In addition, many rural residents are unwilling to admit that they need government assistance because of the stigma attached to receiving services such as Medicaid, TANF, and food stamps, even if they qualify for help. Woodside and McClam observe that “This negative perception may prevent individuals and families from getting the professional help they need. In some cases, individuals seek informal help from the extended family, the church, and social clubs, particularly when formal support systems are lacking” (Woodside & McClam). For State agencies to better serve the social service needs of rural working families they should consider options such as using alternative forms of service delivery, such as the web, e-mail, telephone, teleconferencing, out stationing, and home visits. Agencies should...

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