Change And The World Changes For You

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Sample Question Paper Mathematics First Term (SA-I) Class IX 2010-2011Mathematics
Design of Sample Question Paper
SA-I Class IX (2010-2011)
Type of Question | Marks per question | Total No. of Questions | Total Marks |
M.C.Q. | 1 | 10 | 10 |
SA-I | 2 | 8 | 16 |
SA-I I | 3 | 10 | 30 |
LA | 4 | 6 | 24 |
TOTAL | | 34 | 80 |
Blue Print Sample Question Paper-1 SA-1
I Term
Topic / Unit | MCQ | SA(I) | SA(II) | LA | Total |
Number System | 2(2) | 2(4) | 3(9) | - | 7(15) |
Algebra | 2(2) | 1(2) | 2(6) | 3(12) | 8(22) |
Geometry | 6(6) | 4(8) | 3(9) | 3(12) | 16(35 |
Coordinate Geometry | - | 1(2) | 1(3) | - | 2(5) |
Mensuration | - | - | 1(3) | - | 1(3) |
TOTAL | ...view middle of the document...

            One of the factors of (9x2-1) – (1 +3x)2 is
(A)    3+x                           (B)    3-x                            (C)        3x-1                       (D)    3x+1
3.            Which of the following needs a proof?
(A)    Theorem      (B)    Axiom                           (C)        Definition     (D)    Postulate
4.            An exterior angle of a triangle is 110° and the two interior opposite angles are equal. Each
of these angles is
(A)    70°                            (B)    55°                            (C)    35°                           (D)    110°
5.            In APQR, if ZR > ZQ, then
(A)    QR>PR       (B)    PQ>PR       (C)    PQ<PR       (D)    QR<PR
6.            Two sides of a triangle are of lengths 7 cm and 3.5 cm. The length of the third side of the
triangle cannot be
(A)    3.6 cm        (B)    4.1cm        (C)    3.4 cm        (D)    3.8 cm.
7.           A rational number between 2 and 3 is
(A)    2.010010001…       (B)     ^6                                   (C)    5/2                             (D)     4.^/2
8.           The coefficient of x2 in (2x2-5) (4+3x2) is
(A)     2                                               (B)     3                              (C)     8                                (D)     -7
9.           In triangles ABC and DEF, ZA = ZD, ZB = ZE and AB=EF, then are the two triangles
congruent? If yes, by which congruency criterion?
(A)    Yes, byAAS                       (B)    No    (C)    Yes, by ASA (D)    Yes.byRHS
10.        Two lines are respectively perpendicular to two parallel lines. Then these lines to each
other are
(A)     Perpendicular                                                (B)     Parallel
(C)    Intersecting                                                       (D)    incllined at some acute angle
Question numbers 11 to 18 carry 2 marks each.
1. x is an irrational number. What can you say about the number x2? Support your answer with examples.
2. Let OA, OB, OC and OD be the rays in the anticlock wise direction starting from OA, such that ZAOB = ZCOD = 100°, ZBOC = 82° and ZAOD = 78°. Is it true that AOC and BOD are straight lines? Justify your answer.
In APQR, ZP=70°, ZR=30°. Which side of this triangle is the longest? Give reasons for your answer.
| |
_8_. 75 |

Is |
In Fig. 2, it is given that Z1 =Z4 and Z3=Z2. By which Euclid’s axiom, it can be shown that if Z2 = Z4 then Z1 = Z3.
( 8~ | )3 | MY | |
,15, | J | v3j | |
How will you justify your answer, without actually calculating the cubes?
15. 16.
In Fig. 3, ifABIICDthen find the measure of x.
Fig. 3
1. In an isosceles triangle, prove that the altitude from the vertex bisects the base.
2. Write down the co-ordinates of the points A, B, C and D as shown in Fig. 4.
Question numbers 19 to 28 carry 3 marks each.
19.    Simplify the following by rationalising the...

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