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Change Management Essay

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Lord George Robertson was known as an independent-minded leader who takes personal decisions seriously. For instance, he opposed the decision to unilaterally disarm nuclear weapons.[1] However, it is pertinent to mention that some of the decisions made by Robertson have been quite illogical. He was expected to support the disarmament proposal after joining NATO even though he never showed any interest or willingness to do so. To a large extent, Roberson was heavily inclined towards supporting American interests at the expense of NATO affairs.
Nonetheless, he took a firm position in the fight against terrorism especially after the September 11 ...view middle of the document...

The most profound leadership initiative demonstrated during his leadership was the termination of the civil war that was about to take place in Macedonia. Robertson made every attempt to avert the war through the use peace keeping troops from NATO.
According to NATO, effective crisis management requires a comprehensive approach that incorporates both the military and non-military constituents of the organization. Political engagement is also recognized as an important component under the comprehensive approach[3]. A vital prerequisite that guided the comprehensive approach is the development of extensive cooperation among all the members. The fourth obligation was the analysis of the military, non-military and the economic factors required to ensure the success of the comprehensive approach in the field. However, the introduction of the approach has been complicated by several factors[4]. According to NATO, military, civilian, and political approaches should be put in place in order to manage emerging crises effectively. In regards to the military approach, NATO proposes that crisis management can be effective if military force is applied in certain circumstances. Nonetheless, it is crucial to underscore the fact that several security challenges faced by the Euro-Atlantic bloc may not be solved through military action. There are indeed complex problems faced by NATO member states. Unless reasonable measures and policy programs are initiated, the popular military approach may not be successful at all. As it stands out, the processes of stabilizing and reconstructing war-torn nations that belong may demand a lot of consultation from the civilians. Needless to say, political approaches are even worse than military action bearing in mind that politics has been a major setback towards realizing long term peace and stability. A comprehensive approach should largely involve the input by civilians since they form the soft target for rogue politicians and unpopular regimes.
A shared sense of responsibility coupled with concerted effort among NATO member states are crucial milestones that constitute comprehensive approach towards the reconstruction of peace and stability. Besides, transparency, determination and accountability among NATO members should form part and parcel of the required comprehensive approach. It is almost impossible for the organization to make a major stride in the right direction if politics and forceful military action are permitted to take the center stage.
The US-Russia relations have been bitter since the First World War and it may not end soon[5]. NATO is a well established regional body that can indeed play a vital role to harmonize the working relationship between the two countries. Unfortunately, the latter is not the case. For example, NATO is believed to be a major architect in the current political crisis in Ukraine. NATO has also been accused of condoning the proliferation of nuclear weapons...

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