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Change Need Of The Hour Essay

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Tears shedding,Blood flowing and i see darkness spreading over ppl faster than light travels...Yet ladies and gentlemen! Yet...I see no change...Yet i see people having rest in their bed of roses and yet i don't see them moving to change the present situations and so we are being drenched deep into the ocean of ecstacy!
This is why i say Ladies and Gentlemen...CHANGE IS A NEED OF THE HOUR!

Today we see our children playing with guns instead of toys,our widows crying over the bloodshed bodies of their husbands,the hands of the fathers filled with the blood of their own sons..
Today we see OUR women dancing on the western beats! By giving the name "culture" to might glorify the dancers my dear fellows..But remember! Remember that no such such woman dancing naked without the clothes of morality can give birth to ANY salah-ud-din ayyubi,any allama iqbal,tipu sultan rashid minhas and ...view middle of the document...

MARTIN LUTHER KING who alone saw a dream and eradicated racial discrimination in America and changed the lives of the Negroes FOREVER!

KHALID BIN WALEED who changed the art of fiting and tactics in war . whose last words on his death bed were WHY WAS I NOT MARTYRED. I was one of the greatest soldiers of the muslim era but why was i not MARTYRED. i was given the title "sword of God" but WHY WAS I NOT MARTYRED.

PROPHET MUHAMMAD who is the greatest reformer of the world,who embeded muslim rule over makkah,who enlightened us with Allahs word,who united the souls and hearts of the people,who secured the rights of the women and who led the world towards the path of equality,justice freedom and tolerance.

L & G : Change is definitely a great need of the present time because just look around the world where WE are standing today.

God and religion forgotten, idol and human worship, wars conflicts killing, terror, fear, corruption, exploitation, injustice oppression no human rights, persecution of women,nudity ,obscenity, confusion , weakness and restlessness.

"hopes and dreams of the future are starting to fade..
Like the life of one quarter in an arcade"

This gloomy picture should force us to stop and think about possible ways to survival.My dear fellows! Today we need change coz otherwise the changing circumstances would destroy the human civilization forever. Today we need to learn from our past,we need to make HISTORY repeat itself because it is true that "those who forget history,history forgets THEM".

Ladies and Gent,
It is TIME! it is time to get up ladies and is time to GET UP!
It is time to get up and show the world WHAT we believe in...
it is time to get up and show the world that we believe in lighting up our own torches instead of cursing the darkness.....
it is time to change is time to CHANGE! because i believe that CHANGE IS A NEED OF THE HOUR!

But the Question is.... "WILL WE EVER CHANGE OURSELEVES???" ...

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