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Change Proposal Essay

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Individual Assignment: Change Proposal
Class: HRM 310
Professor: Carol Willett

Change Proposal
Organizations are made up of different department making the organization grown and function according. In an organization consists of different department for example, sales, marketing, finances, accounting customer support and operations. This report will show why a change is need in the Kudler’s sales division. The purpose of this report is to get kudler CEO to approve change in the sales department. In this report I will point out why the change is need it and what it will mean for the business?
Why the change is necessary?
The changes need it because the sales team of kudler Fine ...view middle of the document...

The training will have to be mandatory, because everyone in the sales team need to know what the product is about and what the most effective way to sale the product is. In addition, to new mandatory training classes quarterly bonus pay structure should be map out inspire workers to give their all at the job and in return they will receive a profit. The bonus will play a big roll on the well being of the employees. When the employees have a system that shows their hard work and compensate them for their work they put more effort to work hard and meet the sales demand to keep up the business running.
The factors that need to be taken in to consideration when preparing workers for a change are the fallowing works have to be interactive and willing to participate in the changes to help the business make a smooth transition to the new changes. In addition, the amount of money that is going to be set for the new changes is important because the budget need to enough to be able to carry out the change plan. The leaders must get everyone to participate in the new changes, conducting meeting and conferences to explain the changes. Dedicating time to make sure that the workers understand why the changes are need and what the benefit are going to be with the new change in the sales department.
Interacting with employees and informing them of the new changes are two very important factors for preventing employees to become resistant against the new changes. The leaders have to inspire workers to agree to the new changes. Leaders need to make sure employee understand why the change sis in the vest interest of everyone. Having control of the...

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