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Changes Which Have Occurred In Australia Through Public Health Interventions To Improve Injury And Mortality Rates From Road Accidents Since The First Recorded Motor Vehicle Accident In 1924 And Why It Is Still A Public Health Issue Today In 2014

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Changes which have occurred in Australia through public health interventions to improve injury and mortality rates from road accidents since the first recorded motor vehicle accident in 1924 and why it is still a public health issue today in 2014
Changes which have occurred in Australia through public health interventions to improve injury and mortality rates from road accidents since the first recorded motor vehicle accident in 1924 and why it is still a public health issue today in 2014
Since the creation of the first modern automobile in 1886, injury and fatality rates were bound to occur from car accidents due to the increase of the car owner population on our roads. Australia began ...view middle of the document...

In interest of reducing the devastating consequences of car accidents, countless organisations, campaigns as well as laws have been brought into existence many of which have shown to have an impact to drivers behaviour. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is a Victorian Government-owned organisation which promotes road safety as well as providing money and benefits to injured individuals of car accidents.4 The TAC promotes road safety through graphic and emotional advertisements as well as campaigns which have shown to be successful since the mortality rate due to car accidents has more than halved since 1989, only 3 years after the TAC was introduced.5 A highly known campaign by the TAC is the ‘Wipe off 5’ campaign which has the popular tagline of ‘Wipe of 5 or wipe out lives’. They used television, radio and print to convey their message that taking 5km/hour off your travel speed can reduce the distance it takes to stop which they discovered through research. The TAC are also major sponsors of the Collingwood Football Club and have used their influential players to increase the impact of their campaign to the Victorian community.6 Before the wipe off 5 campaign was introduced, Sweeny Research conducted surveys in March and June of 2001 which found that although 80% believed that speeding was a major cause of road accidents, many admitted to driving over the speed limit ‘some of the time’.6 In December 2001 another survey was conducted only one month after the campaign had been launched which found that fewer drivers admitted to driving over the speed limit ‘all the time’ and ‘half the time’6 ,which suggested the campaign had made an impact on the Victorian community driving behaviour.

Not only have organisations been involved in the...

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