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Changing Careers...Are You Sure? Essay

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{text:bookmark-start} Getting a MBA to Change Careers {text:bookmark-end} I should change careers. That is a thought that has haunted me for years. I have known for at least nine years that being a pharmacist was not for me. How to change careers and what new career did I want were questions I had a hard time answering. After searching for answers on the internet and speaking with academic counselors from several colleges, I realized getting a MBA was a possibility. I did not know having a bachelor degree was all one needed to start the MBA program. I was under the impression that thebachelor degree needed to be in an area of business. Hopeful and excited, I decided I needed to get my MBA. ...view middle of the document...

I come home most evenings tired and crabby, complaining about things that happened during my day. This does not put mein a good frame of mind to be there for my children and husband. I do not enjoy many activities in the evenings that I should because I am still replaying scenes from my day that bothered or upset me. I want to be a better wife and mother and finding a new career will help me do that. “Mid-career has been identified by many researchers as a time to reappraise or re-evaluate an existing career. This may be due to a poor initial career choice, a realization that a career plateau has been reached, under-utilization of knowledge and skills, or a subsequent change in attitudes and values” (Holmes, 1993).Getting my MBA will give me more career options. Choosing a different career will ultimately make me happier and allow me to be a better wife and mother. A MBA will also allow me to change to a career closely aligned to my current pay and benefits. It may also allow me...

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