Changing Family Unit In Malaysia Essay

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Introduction 2

1. The changing family units in Malaysia 3
2. Changes in Early Childhood care providers 4
3. Changes in Early Childhood education in Malaysia 5
4. Government policies 6
5. Social issues:
5.1 Housing 7
5.2 Poverty 8
5.3 Wellness and Healthy Living 9
Conclusion 10
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Basically, the principles of the pre-school curriculum are: (a) the understanding of children’s characteristics (they are active, curious and they need love, attention and security); (b) the aim is to expose children to a rich and stimulating environment; and (c) the program provides a variety of support materials, such as concrete, printed, multi-sensory, interactive and user-friendly materials.”

1. The Changing Family Units
Malaysian couples have fewer children (especially Malaysians of Chinese ancestry) because of changing social norms and values as well as pragmatic reasons such as the difficulties of balancing a career outside the home with the domestic duties at home. Working mothers have to juggle being an exemplary worker in the eyes of the boss as well as a devoted and loving mother in the eyes of the children. Gone are the days when Malaysian women married in their teens and are only expected to stay home to raise their kids. As women become more educated and with it, the aspiration to climb the career ladder, their work responsibilities would increase and their working hours would also get longer. Working women who have their mothers or mothers-in-law living with them or close to them, or those who can afford to hire maids are the more fortunate ones since the latter can help to shoulder some of the burden of looking after the kids in the family. A maid would relieve some of the pressure on the working mother. Nevertheless, this is not an ideal solution since there is essentially nobody to discipline the children and to make sure that they stay out of trouble if they are teenagers.

Another reason for the family unit to be smaller these days is due to the spiraling cost of bringing up children and not forgetting also the cost of education. Middle class Malaysian parents nowadays spend a sizable amount of money on their children for extra tuition classes, music lessons, martial arts courses and so on. They try to provide whatever opportunities available to their children to better equip them for their future.

Malaysian society has changed a lot over the past few decades. Divorce rates are on the rise in Malaysia and this has resulted in the emergence of increasing single-parent family units. Malays have traditionally had relatively high divorce rates while divorce was very rare among the Chinese and the Indians because of social pressures against this. However, with rising educational levels among non-Malay women and their growing financial independence because of paid work outside the home, they are finding the option of dissolving unsatisfactory marriages more viable. Hence the rising divorce rates among non-Malays as well. Source: JAKIM and National Registration Department Malaysia
2. Changes in Early Childhood care providers

In the old days, early childhood educators generally did not require academic or professional qualifications and their role was regarded more of a child minder than an educator. ...

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