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Changing Landscape Essay

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Analyze the changing landscape of the health care system.
Yvette Thompson

Veronica coleman
Analyze the changing landscape of the health care system.
Yvette Thompson

Veronica coleman

I decided to research Walmart as my local retail and grocery store since I am a consumer in buying my household supplies, grocery shopping and quick physical exam and all within reasonable amounts, as well as kill two birds with one stone sort to speak. For numerous of years Walmart has managed clinics that lease out space to a clinic professional within the health care field. Walmart is definitely watching the grown health concerns within communities as ...view middle of the document...

Analyze what impact cultural demographics have on the health care market.
The baby boomer population is getting older so therefore health care cost will increase depending on patient health status. “The ages which entail the highest levels of health care involvement are Old age, when multiple pathologies are common, healing tends to be slower, many treatments are palliative rather than curative, and the likelihood of an additional illness or condition arising increases with age. “Health Knowledge (2010)
Analyze the targeted audience of the clinic or office based on cultural demographics.
“Today, Walmart is one of the most diverse employers in the U.S. Fifty-seven percent of associates are women, and over the past ten years, our people of color representation in the U.S. increased from 29 percent to 39 percent.” Anon (2016). Walmart marketing strategy is to appeal to the consumers they currently have for their other products and to make it convenient and cost effective for health care services.
Analyze the effectiveness of the marketing approach for the clinic or office to various cultures.
I personally see marketing on several internet media sites, and the services and fees are mentioned as well, and if economic feasible it will draw my attention to look into the organization. I believe referrals are a big impact within the health care world for the baby boomers as well as the younger generation. I believe if parents have been at a facility for a time frame their children will attend same physician out of comfortability compared to having all their needs met. Social marketing is a benefit due to the fact they can be promoted throughout the community and other health care facilities, face book, Instagram, blogs and more.
Analyze the marketing techniques that could be used to improve the marketing within different cultural demographics.
I believe companies need to know the demographics of each area they are offering services and products in order to target the right consumer and be effective in the community and in the world. Demographics gives detailed information regarding the consumers purchases and identify individuals by similar purchases. Business owners can evaluate the Nielson report to get an idea of what each nationality purchases and create a marketing strategy plan with the information.
Differentiate what effect different generations have on the health care market.
Advertising and marketing health care products and services have some benefits to consumers but also some risks. When advertising and marketing health care products and services it is best to utilize social media for the generations that are computer savvy, and word of mouth and referrals are better suited for the older generation due to less usage in the social networking world plus the older generation likes proof.
Analyze the targeted audience of the clinic or office based on generational demographics.
Walmart is a multipurpose organization that...

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