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Changing World Of Communication Essay

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The Changing World of Communication
Communications is the key to success and successful businesses depend on good communication. Every business depends on communication to deliver product and service. Business communication plays an important role managing day-to-day activities at work. Business communications technology is advancing each day with new products changing the way people communicate.
Two forms of communication are verbal or nonverbal. Verbal communication is letters, phones conversation, text messaging, e-mails, and Web-sites. Nonverbal communication is the use of pictures or the delivery of interpersonal nonverbal signs of representation. An important factor of communication ...view middle of the document...

Poor communication will results in redoing the work that causes lost time and money. Legal issues can arise from poor communication, which affects the goodwill of the company. Good communication saves time and makes efforts more effective. Communicating with clear points helps to resolve problems in a timely matter. Good communication will build goodwill for the employees and the image of the business (Locke & Kienzler, "1," 2008).
A fast growing trend is business communications technology or electronic tools. A computer is a vital tool for communication within the workplace and home. Websites, social networking devices, media players, digital assistant tools, and telecommunications are the new trends revolutionizing the workplace. The computer and cell phone is a necessity in day-to-day business activities that made globalization faster and easier. These types of communication help to improve and manage day-to-day business activities. The new technology of communication is changing the way people commute. This type of communication also creates problems in the workplace with information overload and overwhelming employees with the amount of information coming in. Another issue arises with new technology is data security and privacy. Data security is becoming a daily job to keep hackers and viruses out. This type of new technology makes globalization and outsourcing easier (Locke & Kienzler, "1," 2008).
A fast growing trend in the workplace and schools is working together as teams. Teams can evaluate and study to solve problems and create new ideas. Usually teamwork is effective and not one person idea or plan of action.
The message types that come from these trends is face-to-face communication, voice communications...

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