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Chapter 1 Marketing Research Methodological Foundations 10th Edition Iacobucci And Churchill

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Chapter 1

Marketing Research: It’s Everywhere!

e 1. Marketing research
a. generates information in the firm's environment.
b. transmits information from the environment to the firm.
c. interprets feedback information.
d. makes decisions based upon information from the environment.
e. does a, b, and c.

b 2. Marketing research
a. is simply asking consumers for their likes, dislikes, needs, and wants in a one-on-one situation.
b. spans the informational boundary between the firm and its environment.
c. can only be employed to assess the impact of past or contemplated ...view middle of the document...

b. has as one of its objectives to improve our understanding of management as a process.
c. aims to promote government regulation of research activities.
d. is only useful in companies with over $1 million in annual sales.
e. is not very useful to a provider of services, such as a bank.

d 6. The emphasis of marketing research for planning purposes is on
a. determining the appropriate promotion budget(s).
b. determining the kind of packaging the firm should use
c. determining the degree of consumer satisfaction with the firm's products.
d. determining viable opportunities for the firm.
e. a and c.

c 7. Which of the following is TRUE?
a. Specialized marketing research firms are the largest producers of marketing facts.
b. The most important advantage of a division or group-level marketing research department is its economy of scale.
c. The organization of the market research function should be dynamic and ever-changing.
d. An important change that has been occurring in marketing research in recent years is the transition from a total marketing intelligence perspective to a specific problem perspective.
e. They are all false.

e 8. Which of the following is TRUE?
a. Opportunities in marketing research are only open to people with statistical analysis and interpretation skills.
b. Marketing researchers need good oral and written skills along with statistical skills.
c. Planning, strategy, and financial management skills are necessary for success as an entry- or mid-level marketing researcher.
d. Successful marketing researchers are proactive rather than reactive.
e. b and d.

c 9. Which of the following is NOT a question marketing research can assist in answering?
a. What kinds of people purchase our products?
b. What kind of packaging should we use?
c. What is our per unit profit margin?
d. What is our level of service satisfaction?
e. All are marketing research problems.
d 10. Which of the following is NOT consistent with the definition of marketing research?
a. The definition is broad.
b. The definition stresses the importance of activities conducted in order to understand the process of marketing.
c. The definition emphasizes the function as a link between consumers and the firm.
d. The definition states that marketing research is focused on collecting data specified by someone else.
e. Neither b nor d is consistent with the definition.

e 11. Marketing research emphasizes
a. the definition of marketing problems and issues.
b. the specification of information needed to address marketing issues.

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