Chapter 17 Essay

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Chapter 17 HW 1
1. What were Lincolns and Andrew Johnson’s approaches to Reconstruction, and why did Congress reject Johnson’s approach?
*Lincolns approach to Reconstruction was fairly different than Johnsons. He gave his idea in the Proclamation of Amnesty. It would take away slavery and allow blacks to have an education. Lincoln would still give allowances to the leaders in the Confederate, but he did not take away the advantage for them to still have slave property. Even though Lincoln made that decision he still was not for slavery. He would never force the opportunity for African Americans to have the advantage of political and social equality. He only allowed white men to vote in ...view middle of the document...

Even though Johnson vetoed it they overrode it and let it passed. The unconstructed states were under the command of the military. The act allowed black adult males to vote and every white male except those Confederates who were blocked from having an office position. The first group of legislatures had to approve the Fourteenth Amendment. Then Congress can put in to place the new state constitution. It would allow different states to send out their own representatives to Congress. Then in March also to Congress put out a second Reconstruction Act that put the military in charge to make sure the act was being in action.
*Congress rejected all ideas and views of giving land to blacks. They thought that it would produce confusion and arguing on property rights.
3. What roles did African-Americans, southern whites and northern whites play in reconstruction government of the South?
*When blacks were able to vote they took up 80% of the republican votes. They never were able to have an office position during this time. The ones that already held office were from the very high levels of...

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