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Chapter 3 Essay

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1. Which of the following is true about a TCP/IP network?
a. The network uses only standards defined in TCP/IP RFCs.
b. The network uses standards defined in TCP/IP RFCs, plus other standards.
c. The IT personnel must choose to use TCP or IP.
d. The network must use only LANs, but no WANs.
2. Which of the following terms is not a common synonym for TCP/IP model? (Choose two
a. TCP/IP architecture
c. Ethernet
d. TCP/IP mapping
3. Think generically about the idea of a networking standard, ignoring any particular standard or
standards group. Which of the following is typically true of a standard? (Choose two answers.)
a. It exists as a written document.
b. It exists as a deployed network device, which people can visit on the Internet.
c. It has been passed through some form of review and approval or certification process.
d. In the United States, it requires a vote by an elected ...view middle of the document...

5. Which of the following are true about the commonly used version of the TCP/IP model as shown
in this chapter? (Choose two answers.)
a. The application layer sits immediately above the network layer.
b. The data link layer sits lower in the model than the transport layer.
c. The physical layer sits just below the data link layer.
d. The network layer sits in the middle of the five layers.

6. The TCP/IP model refers to standards other than those the IETF defines in RFCs. Which of these
standards groups is typically the source of external LAN standards? (Choose two answers.)
a. ITU
c. Vendor groups
7. Which of the following is not a typical reason for a group of ten companies to start a vendor
group, for the purpose of pushing a new networking technology?
a. To get products that use this technology to market more quickly
b. To increase overall acceptance of the technology by having more vendors that support the
c. To improve the chances that the technology will be standardized
d. To keep intellectual property rights to the technology inside the company
8. The TCP/IP and OSI models have some obvious differences, like the number of layers. Think
about the more commonly used version of the TCP/IP model discussed in this chapter, and then
think about how to talk about TCP/IP using OSI terms. Which of the following is a correctly
phrased statement for how to use OSI terminology?
a. HTTP is a Layer 5 protocol.
b. IP is a network layer protocol.
c. TCP is a Layer 2 protocol.
d. Leased lines are Layer 7 standards.
9. Historically, which of the following models were the earliest models used in corporate networks?
a. Vendor models
c. OSI
d. ATM
10. Which of the following statements is true when comparing the OSI and the TCP/IP model as
Defined in RFC 1122?
a. Two layer names match.
b. The lower four layers of TCP/IP define the same kinds of functions as the matching layer
numbers from OSI.
c. The TCP/IP five-layer model is old and has been replaced by the seven-layer OSI model.
d. The TCP/IP application layer defines functions that match closely to only two OSI layers
(application and presentation).

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