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Chapter 9 Essay

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A1. Quandrax Computers is a store that buys computer components for low prices, assembles the components into computers, and then sells the computers at high prices. Each computer is assigned a unique identification number, and computers that have common configurations are categorized into types (e.g. Longitude is a laptop that is easily networked and is recommended for businesses, Element is a desktop that is intended for home and small businesses). Categories can be entered into the database before any computers in the categories are actually assembled. The computer components are purchased from wholesalers. One of Quandrax’s purchasing agents submits an order to the wholesaler that ...view middle of the document...

Quandrax needs to keep track of the managers’ participation in these events as well as the participation of other employees in these events. In physically implementing the conceptual model into the database tables, Quandrax wants to combine all employee types into just one table. This means Quandrax would keep the separate employee entities on the E-R diagram, but make just one employee table to represent all of the employee entities, then post keys or make relationship tables as necessary to implement all relationships of employees to the relevant events.
All sales are handled via mail or e-mail, as Quandrax does not have any showrooms. Quandrax assigns salespeople to its large corporate customers and the salespeople take sample computers to the customer locations to demonstrate features as part of their sales calls. Only a small percentage of Quandrax’s sales calls result in orders, and sometimes a salesperson might need to make several sales calls to the same customer to obtain one order from that customer. Orders also result from customers surfing the Internet and seeing descriptions of the computers on Quandrax’s website. These customers are not assigned to specific salespeople; Quandrax only tracks the salesperson that actually took the order. Some of Quandrax’s salespeople are hired to handle just such orders and as such are not assigned specifically to any customers.
If a customer orders multiple computers on one sale order and some of the computers are immediately available whereas the others are not yet assembled, Quandrax ships the available computers right away and then ships the remainder of the order when the rest of the computers are assembled. Sometimes Quandrax combines computers from multiple sale orders into a single shipment. For example, once a customer ordered 10 computers and the next day decided that wouldn’t be enough so he ordered 4 more. Quandrax shipped all 14 computers in one shipment. Quandrax only accepts checks for its sales of computers; customers can pay for multiple sales with a single check, but no partial payments are accepted. Each sale transaction is tracked by a shipment ID; an invoice is sent to the customer that is due within 10 days, with no discounts allowed. Quandrax does not allow any sale returns, that is, all sales are final. Cash receipts are never split between two cash accounts; rather each receipt is assigned to one of Quandrax’s cash accounts by one of Quandrax’s cashiers. Quandrax also receives cash from other activities such as loans, so the database must allow for that. Suppliers, employees, and customers need to be entered into the database before any transactions involving them occur.
The following attributes are of interest to Quandrax; some are related to the sales/collection cycle. The attributes that are related to the acquisition/payment process must be included in your solution. Do not add attributes to the list. Use the boldface attribute...

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