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Chapter Notes Essay

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Vertical Reports= Control, Lateral Reports= Coordination. Formal, informal, periodic, internal, external, analytical, inform.
Reports travel upward and are objective and usually are for a limited audience.
The Problem Solving Process
1. Recognize/Define The Problem- problem statement/purpose approach or null hypothesis approach and limit the scope of the problem.
2. Select a Method of Solution- Find research from either primary, secondary or both.
3. Collect/organize data and document sources-avoid too small samples, biased, too much info, not representative, gathering not enough info
4. Arrive at answer

(2) Secondary Research- information that has already been reported by ...view middle of the document...

Make sure the graphic aids in understanding/clarifying a particular idea, is easy to understand/appeals to the eye, honest, easy to see for all (proper colors). Don’t visually distort, use overly fancy formats/fonts (3D). Use 12 pt Serif fonts, bold headings and make it easy for readers to find information quickly. Headings should always be short, descriptive, parallel and consistent.
Reader reads from left to right, they focus on center of screen, 7X7. Keep slides short and to the point so the audience can retain the info. Present a focused and interesting package that holds the viewers attention. Hit only the high points. Use builds and animation when necessary. Use phrases instead of sentences, avoid periods/other punctuation.
Types of Graphics:
Before introducing graphics, it is first important to understand how to design documents that are easy to read. The standard font for a document should be in 12 point serif font with headings typically in a sans serif 14-16pt. A well designed document should be consistent, appealing to the eye, help the reader quickly grasp the organization, help the reader see how each part relates to the whole, and be easy to navigate. When introducing graphics in text, it is important to first introduce, show immediately after, then interpret and analyze avoiding restatements of what the graphic shows instead emphasizing a main point. (about two-thirds of the consumers preferred to shop in suburbs over the city, as shown in figure 1).Tables are useful when looking to show large exact figures in a small place. This is done by using columns and rows, and descriptive titles. Tables should be placed as close as possible to the point in text where it is first mentioned. Bar charts are effective when looking to compare quantities. There are different types of bar charts such as: Grouped bar charts which help when comparing more than one quantity. Segmented charts show how components contribute to the total. Pictograms involve using pictures or symbols to show objects or values. One might use building clip art instead of a normal bar. The gantt chart tracks progress toward completing a project. Line charts shows changes over time and can also show trends in data. Pie charts shows how a whole is distributed into different parts. Label, position largest slice at 12’o clock. Maps show geographic relationships. Flowcharts are good for step by step diagrams for procedures.

Presentation Techniques
Into-Present the purpose statement and preview the points to come
Body- The body should provide support. Use simple vocab, short sentences, avoid jargon, provide statistics, quotes, visuals, encourage audience involvement (role playing).
Closing- Create memorable conclusion, tie it to the introduction, use transition words “In Closing”
Face the audience and not the screen. Have good phonation, articulation, and pronunciation. Pitch, volume and rate. Breathe properly, listen to yourself, be flexible, and stand confident. Do not read...

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