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Chapters 7 8 Study Questions: Lord Of The Flies By William Golding (If You Like The Essay, Please Rate It Good, And I Will E Mail You The Original [Free Of Errors Caused By The Wesite] Copy)

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21.How does Ralph react when a boar comes charging down the path?Ralph reacts with an unexpected level-headedness when a boar comes charging down the path: ?Ralph found he was able to measure the distance coldly and take aim. With the boar only five yards away, he flung the foolish wooden stick that he carried, saw it hit the great snout and hang there for a moment? (123). This event suggests that Ralph may possess hunting skills that rival Jack?s, as such, it seems that Jack will attempt to show up Ralph in some other way.22.To what does Ralph?s stration of his hunting prowess lead?Ralph?s stration of his hunting prowess leads to the group beating Robert. Initially, the boys were reenacting ...view middle of the document...

Also, the boys fear the dark, feeling safer in rest during the day. These observations suggest that evil is not only taking root within the group of boys, but that it will soon erupt into something far more complex.25.How does Ralph?s waning confidence in himself show in his words and actions?Ralph?s waning confidence in himself shows in his words and actions, because he now turns to Piggy for guidance, not trusting his own judgment as he previously had. Additionally, Ralph seeks acceptance within the group of boys by demanding attention, a concept that was foreign to him before: ??I hit him,? said Ralph indignantly. ?I hit him with my spear, I wounded him.? He tried for their attention? (125). It is obvious that Ralph is now strating weaknesses in his role as leader, which may allow for Jack to relieve Ralph of his role through devious political tactics.26.Although he is not able to get the boys to vote Ralph out of office, Jack manages to overthrow Ralph?s authority anyway. How?Although he is not able to get the boys to vote Ralph out of office, Jack manages to overthrow Ralph?s authority anyway, by forming a new clan on the island, consisting of the hunters and led by him. As a result, Ralph?s clan was no longer able to guarantee a constant supply of meat, because they were not hunters themselves. Jack?s importance to the group was now becoming clear to the boys, providing Jack with more political leverage than Ralph. ??Listen all of you [Ralph?s clan]. Me and my hunters [Jack and his hunters], we?re living along the beach by a flat rock. We hunt and feast and have fun. If you want to join my tribe come and see us. Perhaps I?ll let you join. Perhaps not?? (154). Jack had now brought his political nature to bear, and Ralph?s ability to deal with the situation was in...

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