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Character Analysis Essay " The Things They Carried"

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“The Things They Carried”
Jimmy Cross is a protagonist because the story is about him dealing with the loss of his
friend Tim Lavender. Cross is a lieutenant of the Alpha Company fighting the war in Vietnam. He does not care about the war and he does not want to be a leader . Jimmy is insecure about everything he does and he wonders if he makes the right decisions. His way of escaping is to day dream about Martha. She is an English major at Mount Sebastian, New Jersey and she sends him photos and letters regularly. She writes poetry letters and never mentions the war. Her letters are very friendly, full of all her activities and details of her life. She always signs her letters ...view middle of the document...

” (p.316) The men referred to “humping it” when they carried something. But there was an underlying implication of it being part of carrying burdens.
During one of their patrols, one of the men Lavender was killed. Lavender was a very tranquil guy because he took tranquilizers and smoked dope all the time. At the time of his death Cross was thinking of Martha like the twenty-two year old he was, instead of taking care of security. When Lavender died he was wearing twenty pounds of ammunition, a jacket, helmet, food , water, toilet paper, tranquilizers and dope. They stripped off all of his ammo and canteens. He was dead weight. They wrapped Lavender in his poncho and called a helicopter to come take him away. As they waited for the helicopter they smoked Lavender’s dope. They made jokes about Ted’s tranquilizer abuse and commented that he probably didn’t feel pain when he was shot. Lavender had so much anxiety so used tranquilizers and dope to help calm him down. Because he was under so many drugs, he may have not been paying enough attention and that is why he got shot. Cross leads his men to the village of Than Khe. The soldiers burned everything, like trying to destroy the village will help the hurt from Lavender’s death. They really push that day before they stop for the night. Cross starts digging his foxhole furiously, trying to hide his emotions from everyone. But they all knew.
“After a time Kiowa sighed. One thing for sure, he said. The Lieutenant’s in some deep hurt. I mean that crying jag-the way he...

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