Character Comparisons; Comparing Two Characters, One From Streetcar Named Desire And Another From Death Of A Salesman

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Character comparisons; Comparing two characters, one from Streetcar Named Desire and another from Death of a Salesman
Streetcar Named Desire
Blanche Du Bois
In the Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche Dubois is first introduced having dressed in white and symbolizing chastity and innocence. As sensitive, aristocratic, and refined as it is, the beauty depicts an appearance resembling a moth. Blanche comes from a background that is aristocratic. Her job, as an English teacher, as well as her home are all lost and in turn, she comes to stay in her sister’s house for a while, Stella, who stays with her husband Stanley, a coarse polish. Her lover passed away and since then she has changed her life ...view middle of the document...

She goes to “second rate flamingo hotel” where she starts living in. She heavily drinks alcohol and indulges in meaningless affairs for the sake of escaping her life misery in Laurel. To bring the polka music to an end, which is a symbol of the death of Allan, Blanche needs alcohol to keep it out of run in her mind, and hence avoid the reality of her life. She makes an unworthy attempt to lose herself by surrendering her body carelessly to certain strangers, and hence seduces the young men in Allan memory. Nevertheless, there is no peace in her empty heart, and her poor reputation terminates her career as a teacher.
Blanche appears to be an escapist who hides from truth and bright lights. Her nature was too delicate to bear with the current day existence reality, which is too painful to her. She further convinces herself that she is pure, as her inner soul was fully away and never involved in her physical encounters. In response, she considers herself prim, proper, and virtuous, and hence dismisses them. This is what destroys her last prospect of marriage, that is, her attempt to appear good and virtuous. After meeting a close friend of Stanley, Mitch, his sensitive mild nature had drawn her. However, he loves her believing that she was innocent and pure. She fully plays her part in the courtship perfectly, such that she even confirms that she is different from other girls, in that, she is not as easy as many girls are.
Mitch is quite horrible after discovering Blanches past, feeling that he has been duped. In this case, things would be different if she had kept being truthful with him from the beginning. Since Mitch was uneducated, and hence not intellectual, he could not understand her behavior, including her past and present. For the fact that he views things only as white or black, lies or truth, he had to desert Blanche.
The world of Blanche is fully occupied by pastel and gray colors, as she has no position to stand loud noise, harsh light, or vulgar remark. The death of Allan led to the disappearance of light in her life. In this case, she highly prefers dim candlelight together with darkness, and her entire make setting believes in a pain and memories free world. It also does not depict her advancing age and departed youth reality. As she prefers more to appear as ethereal character that lives on the world edge, the moth’s smile fully befits her.
Stanley, who appears to be course and common, presents Blanche’s aristocratic and delicate ways as he relies on openness and truth. He even demands total allegiance in his household, which she cannot offer. Stanley cannot forgive her for his threats, and even swears to revenge. Mitch and Stanley are not realizing that although Blanche gives herself easily to strangers, it is impossible for her to surrender as a prostitute to whom she cares about. Through her sexual encounters, she willingly and freely gives herself to strangers. Her fragile nature is destroyed as Stanley takes her...

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