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In T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," the author is
establishing the trouble the narrator is having dealing with middle
age. Prufrock(the narrator) believes that age is a burden and is deeply
troubled by it.. His love of some women cannot be because he feels the
prime of his life is over. His preoccupation with the passing of time
characterizes the fear of aging he has. The poemdeals with the aging
and fears associated with it of the narrator.
Prufrock is not confident with himself mentally or his appearance. He
is terrified of what will occur when people see his balding head or his
slim and aging body. He believes everyone will think he is old and
useless. They ...view middle of the document...

He wishes greatly to
express his affection but it becomes suppressed within him. He
compares himself to Lazarus who was an aged man restored to life by
Jesus. He feels that it will take a miracle to make him feel young
again. Prufrock sees his age as the end of his romantic zeal. He
assumes the response to his love will be snappy and heartless. Prufrock
believes that women do not find older men attractive or see a
possibility of romance in them.
The rhyme scheme Elliot uses in this poem depicts the disenchanted and
confused mind of the narrator. The poem is written using a non-uniform
meter and rhyme. Various stanzas are not of uniform length. This
method is used to represent the mood and feelings in the verse.
Prufrock is feeling confused and overwhelmed by the adversities of life
so it is logical that his thought will have the same types of
characteristics. His thoughts lead to ambiguity such as at the start
of the poem. "There you go then, you and I"(1) This could be referring
to Prufrock and himself, or Prufrock and his lover.
Elliot wrote this poem in a time when social customs were still
considered an issue. Everyone had their place and did not vary from
that. Stereotypes of groups were lived up to and nobody tried to change
it. Elliot uses blatant images of different classes in order to show
these dissimilarities. The lower class lived a meager, dull and
predictable life. They spend "restless nights in one-night cheap
hotels."(6) The rich on the other hand are educated and enjoy life every
day. They are busy and bustle around joyfully in order to get things
In the room the women come and go
Talking of Michelangelo.(13-14)

Unfortunately, because of his age Prufrock feels that he does not belong
to any of these classes. He has similarities pertaining to each of them
but as a whole feels that he simply exists in his own classification.
The debate in Prufrock's mind finally comes to a close when he compares
himself to Prince Hamlet from William Shakespear's masterpiece Hamlet.
Hamlet was able to express his love and J. Alfred was envious of that.
"No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was it meant to be"(111) He feels he is
more like Polonius an old, attendant to Lord Hamlet who is intelligent,
wise, and eager to please. Prufrock decides he is diplomatic,
conscientious, and strives for perfection. However at the same time he
tends to lack some sort of mental power, fears he is looking like a
fool. This is the conclusion he comes to in order to decide to accept
his place in society and live life the way he should.
Eliot uses the reference of time often in order to show the state of
mind of the narrator. The contrasts used show the...

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