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Characteristics Of A Successful Salesperon Essay

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Question: Explain the characteristics of a successful salesperson.
Sales people are an integral part of any business. They are the main drivers of sales and have the task of convincing potential buyers to purchase their products. They play a significant role in engaging customers, promoting brands and ensuring businesses meet their projected sales and profits margin.
Sales managers, when examining their sales force, have probably found that 80% of their sales are made by 8% of the sales force (Anastasia, 2015). Therefore it is necessary that we examine what sets this percentage of the sales force apart from the average ones. The following are some of the characteristics of a successful salesperson;
i) Empathy – He/she has the ability to connect with customers, to identify and react accurately to the behaviour and emotions of customers.
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vi) Confidence – A successful salesperson believes in his/her own abilities and in what he or she is selling.
vii) He/she must be self-motivated and highly focused towards improving sales margins. A good salesperson also focuses on opportunities and solutions.

viii) Persistence – He/she feels positive about overall results and achievements and avoids being disappointed by rejection.
ix) Optimism – He/she maintains a positive outlook towards situation and people. They are determined to win and willing to take risks when necessary.
x) Highly responsible and organized – a person with a strong sense of responsibility handles tough situations better, accepts mistakes and rectifies these mistakes in future.
xi) A great salesperson must possess in-depth knowledge of the product he/she is selling and how that product can help the prospective clients.
xii) A successful salesperson does a follow-up with their clients to create trust and chances of future sales. He/she should address a client’s issues promptly and completely.
xiii) He/she possesses leadership qualities and is not afraid to exert pressure to influence others.
xiv) Independent – Most sales persons work on a commission and so do not look up to managers to achieve their objectives. They build themselves up to do more.
xv) Good time managers – The best sales people manage their time effectively to ensure they attend more opportunities and enough time to spend securing a sale.
It takes a special kind of individual to succeed in sales. The above attributes can explain the bottom line towards a potential salesperson. Replacing average sales people with a bunch of excellent ones can result in a huge difference in sales over a given period.

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