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Characteristics Of Mine Essay

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I have many qualities that would make me a great asset to any university but there are three that really stick out. These would have to be that I'm hard working, outgoing and friendly. These attributes not only make me an excellent addition to any university but a great addition into today's society.My work ethic is a great trait because I ...view middle of the document...

I know getting a college degree is hard work and this is were that quality would come into play.Net would have to be that I'm outgoing. I don't think there's anything that I enjoy more than meeting new people. I think you learn a lot about yourself by meeting other people. For instances somebody else probably introduced you to your favorite activity today I know this is true for me and in college there are plenty of new people that your going to meet.My last unique quality would have to be that I am a very friendly person. I rarely get into altercations with other people. I think this is a good characteristic to have in college because of all the people that are around you on an every day basis. The less problems you have with other people the better your college experience will be.Those are the characteristics that I have that will make me a great attribute to any university.

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