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Characteristics Of To Build A Fire

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The characteristics of To Build a fire
The Six characteristics of the imagery of jack London’s to build a fire helps me understand the spiritual aspect of my relationship with nature. The way the story to build a fire is written helps me better understand all the events that happen to the man. Jack London’s way of describing gives you a perfect picture of how a place looks, how the man feels, or just makes you feel the agony and suspense held throughout the story. Because of this style of writing I was able to understand how nature can take a toll on you if you don’t use your mind to predict further ahead while on a journey like presented. Using your feelings and observing your ...view middle of the document...

Although, this man did not use his brain as much as he needed to on this journey. One part in the story it says “he was not much given to thinking” this was true; I think the man would have had a better chance of surviving if he had the brain of the dog. The man was so set on getting to his destination he didn’t take the time to use logic nor did he use his instincts like the dog did every so often. So even though you have the strength and determination that doesn’t mean that you will be indestructible or invincible when you’re traveling in negative 75 degree weather, being smart and trusting your instincts is the best way to survive in that case.
The third characteristic reveals the Conflict in the short story. The conflict is “the struggle that grows out of the interplay of the 2 opposing forces.” (Frye) The main conflict in the story is the man fighting for containment of his life due to the frigid cold in order to be able to continue on his path. In his case no matter what he did nature worked against him. Whenever he thought he would be alright, something else had to go wrong. One main crisis (baldick) of the story is the part where the fire went out due to him setting it up next to the spruce tree. Because of the bad decision on picking where to build the fire a disaster happened and he said “where It had burned was a mantle of fresh and disordered snow”, which now became one of the reasons the man’s survival was in jeopardy. This event had the man worrying the narrator even says “it’s as though he had seen his own sentence of death.”
The fourth characteristic reveals the plot of the short story. The ways that jack London set up the plot of the story or “the pattern of events and situations” (Harmon) is great. He makes you believe that the man using nature and hope will make it to the destination. Although the main character seems like he knows all survival skills to keep himself going, this is not enough. The man forgot one...

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