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Characters In Ralph The Duck Essay

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In "Ralph the Duck", Frederick Busch, the author, uses each of the characters to convey a deeper meaning. Even the most insignificant of characters has some form of symbolism behind them. Busch is definitely using the characters to explain some deeper meaning. To be more precise, Busch is using each of the characters to convey some aspect relating to the narrator.

The first character that Busch uses as a symbol is the narrator's dog. The dog appears to symbolize the narrator's current destructive lifestyle. After the dog has been vomiting, the narrator thinks, "He loves what makes him sick" (Busch 865). Like the dog, the narrator shows an apparent lack of concern for the ...view middle of the document...

The narrator obviously despises the professor and pokes fun at him the entire story. The narrator definitely sees his professor as unintelligent. When he has to jump start his professor's car, the narrator thinks to himself "But he couldn't get a Buick going on an ice-cold night, and he didn't know enough to look for cells going bad" (Busch 866). The narrator's thoughts when he is around the professor also show that he is often reminded of the Vietnam stereotype. For instance the narrator thinks "Slick characters like my professor like it if you're a killer or at least a onetime middleweight fighter" (Busch 866). Another time when the narrator obviously pokes fun at the Vietnam stereotype is when he thinks, "I figured I should have come to work wearing my fatigue jacket and a red bandana around my head" (Busch 869). Also, "Say `Man' to him a couple of times, hang a fist in the air for grief and solidarity, and look terribly worn, exhausted by experiences he was fairly certain he envied me" (Busch 869).

The character containing the greatest amount of...

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